South African based Malawian Professor of law, Danwood Chirwa, has described the foreign report on Malawi cashgate scandal as a sign of what he terms ‘donor-accountability’ where donors not only have to give development aid but also an accountability aid. In an article published in the Weekend Nation paper dated 27 June, 2015, the professor bemoans the criminal picture that Malawi has painted of itself so that the donors have lost all trust and have decided to add an accountability aid to the financial aid. He goes on further to say that if the Malawi government was serious about the issue it would not have taken foreign bodies to look into the matter.danwood-e1417561941418-600x439

“It cannot happen that money can just escape without government noticing it”, writes Professor Chirwa.

In a situation like this, where the donor has to take matters in his own hands, one must surely know that the governing elites are failures, they are the gang masterminding the cashgate, and do not want to do anything about it. The result is that the donor wants to invest his money in the local government to produce the desired effect.


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