To add to the pomp and the glamour of the forthcoming University of Malawi Golden Jubilee Celebration all University of Malawi graduates are going to parade into the Kamuzu Stadium from the Blantyre Civic Offices. The UNIMA graduate procession shall be grouped by 10 years of cohorts from 1965 to 2015 and lined up for parade. Do not leave your decade underrepresented. Come forward, stand up and lift up your generation and show us that you continue making a difference to the service and development of Malawi, the region and beyond. The University will adorn each decade parading cohort with special colours distinguishing as follows:

– 1965-1975 cohort
– 1976-1985 cohort
– 1986-1995 cohort
– 1996-2005 cohort
– 2006-2015 cohort

The information to be provided is full name as it appears on the degree/diploma/certificate, year of graduation, and programme of study.

This call invites to both UNIMA graduates and the general public to forward to us phone numbers, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Email, Postal addresses of yourself or other graduates or some classmates you are in touch with regularly, or your relative/dad/mother who graduated from the University of Malawi or indeed, someone in Diaspora whose contact you have for us to use.

Do publicize or forward this communique to all graduates you know within and beyond the borders of Malawi so that the organizing Committee can solicit unlimited participation from them.

Kindly note that the University intends to reach out to them now and please advise them to send their contact to the undersigned. Our graduates, Our Alumni, Malawi’s Pride. Let them do so to the:

University Registrar
University Office
P.O. Box 278

Or deputyregistrar@unima.mw or sms to (265) 0888 380 180 or call landline 0(265) 01 526 622 or fax (265) 01 524 760

To reach the address not later than 31st August, 2015


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