Asians Nationals arrested
Asians Nationals arrested

Police in Lilongwe have yesterday arrested six Asians nationals on reasons  which are yet to be established, Times Maravi has learnt. The corps who were about 16 in number arrived to the Asians’ compound at around 9pm. When they entered into the fence, the police found a garden boy outside and inquired to know who was driving a car (registration number held for security reasons). Before the garden boy could answer, his boss came out from the house only to find himself hand-cuffed by the police.

A  close source who opted for anonymity told Times Maravi that the Asians together with a Malawian who was driving the car were traveling from their offices at around 8pm. They stopped at robots when it turned red and in front of them, there was a police car. When the robot turned into green, the driver decided to overtake the police vehicle since it was in slow motion. The source further said  that the corps did not wait for an answer of who was driving the car when they saw the Asian and said “we have been searching for you”. A total of six Asians together with the driver were arrested and taken to Malawi police Headquarters.

The driver has been charged of driving without a license and overtaking a vehicle carelessly. The Asians nationals have since been told to surrender their travelling documents to the police station.

Lilongwe police spokesperson could not be reached to comment on the matter. The arrested Asians are businessmen who own some notable shops in Lilongwe, Blantyre and Mzuzu.


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