Thindwa has gone to Wanderers – Caps utd

There have been confusion among soccer fanatics on th e transfer of Ishmael Thindwa of Caps United.

Thindwa joined Mighty Be Forward Wanderers on loan from the Zimbabwe giants Caps United. There have been rumours on social media indicating that Thindwa would prefer playing for Big Bulles rather than Mighty Wanderers.

Thindwa: to play for Wanderers
Thindwa: to play for Wanderers

In an interview with Times Maravi, Wanderers’ General Secretary Mike Butao said Thindwa’s issue should not trouble people since he joined the Lali Lubani boys on loan. “Ishmael Thindwa is our player and don’t get confused with social media reports. Those are people who don’t follow football. Thindwa is with us and he will be cleared soon”. Butao added that all discussions with Caps United went on well and Thindwa will be seen in blue attire come second round.

The confusion rose again yesterday when a Facebook page titled ‘Caps United Loading News – Reloaded’ wrote that Ishmael Thindwa has gone back to Malawi to play for Blantyre outfits Big Bullets Fc.

To clear the confusion, Yaseen Aufi a Mighty Wanderers’ die hard Contacted Caps United’s official facebook page to hear more on Thindwa’s issue.

Here is how their conversation went:

Yaseen Aufi : Where is Ishmail Thindwa?

Caps United News : He went back to Malawi

Yaseen Aufi : Which team did he go to?

Caps United : i understand its wanderers Where Gerald Phiri used to play for before he moved to caps.

Yaseen Aufi: Reports from caps united face book page shows that he has gone to Big Bullets in Malawi.

Caps United News :We are the only Official facebook page for caps united and we didnt write any kind of story about Thindwa so I don’t know which page you are talking about. Mind you other pages are made by supporters.

Yaseen Aufi : ok man thanks verry much

Caps United News : You welcome Mr Aufi.

Ishmael Thindwa was a house hold name in 2012-2013 Tnm Super League season when he was playing for EPAC fc. He attracted attention of many teams including Caps United of Zimbabwe. Thindwa couldn’t do what perfom better until he was released on loan.

He is among three players who have recently joined Mighty Wanderers. Their former captain Alfred Manyozo Junior and Victor Nyirenda have joined wanderers from Botswana and Mocambique respectively. Nyirenda has since been cleared by Sulom to play for Wanderers whilst Thindwa awaits for the first round to rup up while Manyozo’s clearance is facing ICT problems.


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