Moyale pens FAM over Calsberg cup venue selection

Barely a single day after Football Association of Malawi (FAM) announced venues of 2015 Calsberg cup Semi-finals, one of the semi-finalists, Moyale Barracks Fc has written FAM on what it calls bias over the selection of venues.

Signed by Moyale Barracks’ General Secretary,
Lieutenant P M K GAUSI, the letter subjected
FINALS’ expresses disappointments on how FAM came up with a decision of chosing venues to host the semi-finals. The team says that it is not fair for FAM and sponsers of the cup Calsberg to completely ignore people of Northern Region in this year’s Calsberg cup games.

Moyale Barracks team
Moyale Barracks team

The letter says that it could have been better if Mzuzu Stadium was among the chosen venues to host the semis so that customers of Calsberg Malawi from Northern Region should have a chance of taking their newly Oxygen refurbished plant amidst earlier announcement by FAM that the condition of Mzuzu stadium can not host semis . ” However with the choice of your venues,
it appears more of a mockery to Northern Region Customers
and in effect jeopardizes the very purpose on why Carlsberg
Malawi is continuing to Sponsor the Competition……”, reads part of the letter.

Moyale Barracks says that it is unfair for Mzuzu Stadium not to host the Moyale – Wanderers game because the other semi-finalists namely Silver Strikers, defending champions Big Bullets and Mighty Be Forward Wanderers have been allowed to play at home infront of their
Supporters/fans at least once since the competition started.

Moyale Barracks further reminds FAM that when a team is traveling it
incurs unwelcome costs that encompass fuel, wear and tears,food, accommodation, allowances and other unforeseen expenses.

“Therefore by forcing Moyale Barracks FC to play away from
home, you are, in effect, subjecting the team to Zero return on
resources even if it eventually wins the Competition”, reads another section of the letter.

The letter concludes by telling FAM and sponsers of the league that the venue should be changed from Civo Stadium to Mzuzu stadium and question if the venue to host Big Bullets – Silver strikers is a neutral ground “we want to categorically state that the Venue
be changed from Civo to Mzuzu Stadium inorder to enable our
fans/Supporters and Carlsberg Malawi Customers in the
Northern Region to watch their team. We would like to
observe that this years competition has been a classic
example of poor management, a supposed reflection of the
current FAM administration which fails to see obvious
unwelcome politics in football, and that it would not want to
bring in the controversy of Moyale FC failing to pitch up at the
Venue because of your apparent unfairness, unsportmanship
and shear incompetence as regards to basic rules of the game
of football. Of course as per your mediocre explanation, Civo
Stadium is a neutral venue for Moyale FC and Be Forward
Wanderers FC. What of Big Bullets FC playing Silver Strikers
FC at Kamuzu Stadium? Is this a neutral venue?”

FAM is yet to give a reply to Moyale Barracks’ complaints. The semi-finalists of this year’s Calsberg cup are the defending champions Big Bullets, Silver Strikers, Moyale Barracks and Mighty Be Forward Wanderers.

Semi-finals will be played on 15th August between Big Bullets and Silver Strikers at Kamuzu Stadium and on 16th August between Moyale Barracks and Mighty Be Forward Wanderers.


One thought on “Moyale pens FAM over Calsberg cup venue selection

  1. Kodi a Moyale vuto lawo ndi chani? Civo is a neutral venue komanso sakudziwa kt Mzuzu yapanga host two games of Calsberg cup? Why can’t u just say kuti Noma mukupanga nayo mantha??? Mxiew


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