A businessman narrowly escapes death

A Lilongwe based business man has escaped death after the car he was traveling in got involved in a road near Nkhweza Primary School in the Traditional Authority of Chimutu in Lilongwe.

The demolished car
The demolished car

According to reliable sources, the businessman who is known as Chiya in the business circles resides in Area 25 and was on his way to drop his girl friend who is a daughter to an Asian origin business man Haluni at Balang’ombe Trading Center in the district who went to visit him with a company of her friends.

The source told Times Maravi that Chiya’s girlfriend was on driving the vehicle and they were all drunk. Due to alcohol consumption, the driver was driving on a wrong side. A truck which was heading to Kanengo wanted to avoid the drunkard and ended up in side crashing the saloon vehicle.

No one has lost a life but the driver was taken to Luke DeaYang hospital due to minor injuries where he was given medication and has since been discharged. None of the girls got injured

The Road traffic police have since edged all road users to observe road rules and not to drive while drunk.


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