PP resurfaces in Zomba, Nakanga to contest for Ward Councillor

As different political parties are busy campaigning for their candidates for the Office of Zomba Central Ward Councillor, Peoples Party (PP) has extended its strides in embracing its candidate Mr. W. Nakanga and its existence in the City.

PP’s supporters gathered at Mponda School Ground in Zomba city on 9th August, 2015 in support of PP’s shadow Councillor, Mr Nakanga’s campaign who is representing the party in the coming bi-elections.

PP's audience attentive to Nakanga"s Manifestos......Phtoto by Amadu Imran Mwenye
PP’s audience attentive to Nakanga”s Manifestos……Phtoto by Amadu Imran Mwenye

Since PP conceded a defeat in the 2014 tripartite elections, re-appeared when Zomba Central Constituency MP Mai Patricia Kainga Nangozo and Joana Thatha an MP from Mangochi came to support their fellow party member Mr. Nakanga

Nakanga: to represent PP in the bi-election... photo by Amadu Imran Mwenye
Nakanga: to represent PP in the bi-election… photo by Amadu Imran Mwenye

Speaking to the audience, Mai Nangozo assured PP’s bonafide  members that they should keep their hopes alive and that PP will bounce back into the government  come 2019 despite its leader being outside the country and some members deflecting to the parties. Nangozo further said that PP is in forefront and ready for any election because the party is sure that this will portray strong concerns against the DPP led government and that the first step is to vote for Mr. Nakanga in the coming  bi-elections “voting for Mr. Nakanga as a ward councilor will convey a strong message that we are not interested with the DPP led government and we know that people still have their trust in PP”, Nangozo told the audience.

The party is expected to continue boasting its morale on 16 August  where PP’s leader in the August House Uladi Mussa will invest his effort in campaigning for the party’s candidate at the same venue.

The office of Zomba Central ward Councillor became vacant in early March this year following the untimely death of its Councillor Joana Ntaja who was also the Mayor of Zomba City. The results of the coming bi-elections which will be held on 25 August will determine an individual to take hold of the Vacant office.



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