Nakanga Blames Zomba City Council for Poor Market Condition, Promises a Change

Peoples Party’s (PP) Candidate in the coming Zomba Central Ward bi- elections Willkness Nakanga took it to Zomba City flea Market on Saturday afternoon blaming the City’s Council for poor condition of the market.

Speaking to a few number of people who gathered opposite Zomba flea market, Nakanga said that if voted into power, he will solve all issues which bother people in Zomba flea market, sanitation being the first problem to be delt with.

Nakanga: Zomba City Council is to Blame
Nakanga: Zomba City Council is to Blame

Nakanga blamed Zomba city council for charging the only toilet in the city’s market to which the candidate said people lose a lot of money paying for the toilet mostly when they open bowels. Instead, Nakanga has promised to construct a toilet in the City’s main market and there will be no charges “We do business with an aim of raising money for problems we have at home but we end up finishing the money paying for toilet. If you will vote for me as your ward councillor, I will construct a toilet which will be free of charge and people will have an option on which toilet to use”,Nakanga assured his followers.

To make people happy, Nakanga further said that he will solve water problems which the market face for having a single tap. He said people waste a lot of their time on long queues waiting to use a single tap instead of doing their business “I have talked to Zomba City Council to have some new taps installed in every section of the market so that no person should spend a lot of time waiting for his or her turn at a tap” Nakanga assured that if elected into power, he will work with the current committee of Zomba flea market to solve all problems which the market faces.

In a related development, Democratic Progressive Party’s (DPP) candidate Mrs. Melia Douglas was at Mponda Primary School ground campaigning for the same position of the Zomba central ward councillor barely Four days after Leader of Opposition in the August House who is also President of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Dr. Lazarus Chakwera came at the same venue campaigning for the Party’s candidate.

Zomba Central Ward Councillor position became vacant early this year following the passing on of its Councillor and elections will take place on 25th August in all centres of the ward.


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