Nigerian Professor Discovers HIV/AIDS Cure

A Nigerian professor, Maduike Ezeibe from Michal Okpara Univesity of Agriculture has attracted world’s attention by claiming to have discovered a cure for the ‘incurable’ and lethal HIV/AIDS.
According to reports sourced by Times Maravi, the Veterinary Medicine professor disclosed his breakthrough while speaking to Southern City News in his office.

Ezeibe: Showing the Antivrit
Ezeibe: Showing the Antivrit

Ezeibe has attributed his success in a research that led to the therapy which he calls “Anti-viral” (Antivrit) as a part of hard work he has done over the past 20 years. The Abia state professor, says he voluntarily begun his quest of searching for a solution for the global pandemic (HIV/AIDS) that has claimed many lives all over the world in 1994.
“My therapy remains valid and effective that it can verify anywhere in the world under same condition”, he said. Ezeibe was also quick to mention that it only takes an average of two to three months to cure a patient.
As part of giving insurance policy to the world, Ezeibe mentioned the two minerals involved in the procedure, aluminium silicate (kaolin) and magnesium silicate are readily available and cheap to acquire.
Malawi is one of the sub-Saharan countries where the number of people contracting HIV is increasing everyday regardless of campaigns such as “Moyo ndi Mpamba” and “Male circumcision” run by some organisations. The first case of HIV/AIDS was reported in 1985 and about 11% of Malawians are estimated to be HIV positive.
Meanwhile his research has been published in the British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research and in an American-based medical journal called The Health.


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