Taming the gods in our Leaders: a Key to Peoples Freedom and Prosperity

Shall we worship Force, or shall we worship Goodness? Shall our God exist and be evil, or shall he be recognized as the creation of our own conscience?…(Bertrand Russell, A Free Man’s Worship)

I am a rambler, I admit, a pathetic rambler. It is a disease I am well aware of, and a disease I have suffered from, and I will go on suffering from it, unless its cause is curbed. To curb the cause of this disease is not a joke, one must possess some really strong guts to do so, for as long as petty thugs and bloody capitalists continue holding our lives in their hands, I will continue rambling, and whimpering, like a little child, for that is all I can do, especially in a country where a revolution is a sin.

I have rambled before. I have rambled about the Lutepos. I have brought home T. S. Eliot and his wasteland. I have committed blasphemy, on many occasions. One of my friends, a devoted Christian, Commenting on my earlier rambling, had this to say:

To compare Lutepo to Christ is the greatest blasphemy. Lutepo is a human being, and Christ is God. You really need to repent, Mr Rambler!

Well, what a threat! But what is this sin called blasphemy, if we may inquire? It is nothing but a tool used to keep the oppressed forever silent, no matter the suffering. A tool used to keep those without power forever trembling, forever submissive. Indeed, to speak against those in power is a great sin, even if it is naked power that they wear. I have seen this sin lately. I have seen a poor old man being convicted for spitting out the truth about the president and his party. The man was fined a sum of Three Thousand Kwacha, probably a meaningful amount of money for a poor man in Malawi. But what was his sin? Speaking the truth about Arthur Peter Mutharika and the DPP led government?

People praising Mutharika
People praising Mutharika

Trust me, I can also call stupid, depraved and ignorant any leader who does not care about his people’s welfare, whose interest is only in himself, and his Party family. I have the right to do that, because I voted for the leader to do his job, not just to be going around holding Mapwevupwevu, and blubbering inaudible English sentences that leave the audience wandering whether they have an adult or a child on the throne. Let us call a spade by no other name here. To DPP, winning the elections was just a cause for celebrations and another opportunity for further cashgating, which, as Malawians well know, had already started back then, momentarily disturbed by the PP led feminine cashgate.

The 2014 battle between PP and DPP was a battle for a cashgate seat. Each party wanted to be the one to steal the public money. Both party knew, as they fought, how sweet and exciting it is to be sitting in the pot steaming with cash, they had both tasted of this pot, and they were not ready to lose it. That time, during campaign, one did not have to study Political Science to know that the two were not fighting to serve the people. Even my mother, Nyachirwa, a Primary School graduate, saw it clearly. She wandered as to how I was to make it through my University Education if any of the two parties came to power. Her fears came to fruition. No sooner had DPP imposed itself upon the throne than Gondwe announced the University fee hike. And recently, the unfortunate ones who cannot make it to the Public University will also not make it even to Teachers Training Colleges. For there also the fees has been obscenely pronounced. No tertiary education a poor Malawian.

Does this type of leadership deserve respect? Does it deserve the praise and worship awarded to the heavenly gods? Just take a look at the crew itself, it is composed of the same scandalous hogs we had during the late Bingu’s Second term of office. They are the very hogs that misled him, caused him to lose people’s trust, and eventually brought Malawi down. Here they are, noses in the air, sniffing for money. Do these fellas really deserve our respect? I don’t think so!

If a leader needs respect, he must humble himself, and come down to the people he serves, listen to their whispers and serve their wishes. He should not just sit contented in heaven, surrounded by all glory, and just watch while his people bellow are choking from his excrements. He should not feel offended if he is ridiculed for the very sins that he commits. He should rather admit, and strive to correct it. A great leader is not measured by how much wealth he has, or how expensive his suit is, but by the degree with which he has transformed people’s lives. To me, a leader who only goes on holding parties and celebrating for petty things like his opportunistic escape from prison is really stupid and ignorant. He is not fit to be a leader.

Only when the leaders humble themselves and stoop down to people’s wishes can Malawi really move forward. But, as I had said in my earlier ramblings, Malawi is a capitalist country, and in a capitalist society everyone is bent on joining the bourgeois community, and you know what this means. To tame these gods, we need a revolution, a serious revolution.

But again, we are a God-fearing nation!


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