From Zero to Hero: The Case of Dj Zimbabwe wa ku Malawi

Some people think that being a musician or a producer is an inborn character. They say that you must have a brother, a sister or any related person who is also a musician or a Dj. Dj Zimbabwe wa Ku Malawi has a different story.

Kainga at Work... photo curtsey of Kainga
Kainga at Work… photo curtsey of Kainga

Born Precious Kainga, Dj Zimbabwe is a youthful producer who has seen his dreams coming to pass in the music industry.

How did the name ‘Dj Zimbabwe wa ku Malawi’ came in? “Dj Zimbabwe is just a nickname, I have never been in Zimbabwe before. It is just a name which my friends used to call me since I was young”.

As a young boy, Kainga started developing a passion of music at a tender age of 6. This was the moment that his father bought him a gift which he never forgets on his way from Amsterdam. The gift was a small keyboard, “I remember, my dad bought me a small keyboard those years when I was in standard 3. That was the only gift he bought me on his arrival from Amsterdam”, recalls Precious.

One of disc covers of Kainga's songs
One of disc covers of Kainga’s songs

From the time he received the gift, precious’s dream was to become a musician which people could appreciate. All seemed to be going on smoothly until the name Dj Zimbabwe came into light in the music industry “I started doing serious music in the year of 2008”. Seven years below the line Dj Zimbabwe has experienced dramatic improvements as his career seems to be targeting the ultimate post. In the past years, Kainga has not only recorded various sound tracks with his friend known as Young Sam in the music circles, but also managed to collaborate with reknown dance hall artist Mafunyeta the late in a song which also featured Eddie Kay and was produced by a celebrated Lilongwe-based producer Warge. Even though Kainga has managed to record his own sound tracks, he looks at himself as a Producer and not a Musician.

Kainga: I'm a Producer
Kainga: I’m a Producer

Precious Kainga is a multi-talented person as he is also a comedian. He has his own funny character called Wayisoni, a name which he has recently been known by on social media. He entertains people on social media with scripts of Wayisoni and has also recorded some audios of Wayisoni. Kainga is the man behind the audio ‘Mfiti zootha Mateyala” in which a Chinese man was addressing an audience on what he saw when he was coming from his working place at night at Mtandire township in Lilongwe and the audio about a businessman of Burundi origin who was arguing with a Malawian over opening of shops whilst there was a funeral in the area.

But how does he balance comedy with production of Music? “Honestly speaking, I like comedy because it’s something which God gave me as a talent”. How long does it take him to create a comedy? Kainga said that it doesn’t take him long “during free time, I always think of what to do to make people laugh, that’s when I came up with my written comedies on Social Network and recorded comedies on radios.

Here is an example of Wayisoni post on Facebook:


Tsiku lina atsikana atatu ankasamba mu bafa limodzi, panthawiyi nkuti Wayisoni akupita kukayendera mzake. Posakhalita kunabwera mphepo ya mkuntho ndipo bafa lija linasasuka atsikana aja nkuonekera pa mtunda ali mbulanda.

Che Wayisoni anachita chidwi nkuima kuyamba kuwaonera atsikana aja, ndipo mwamsanga msanga msungwana oyamba anagwira nkubisa mabere ake, wachiwiri anagwira kumaso kubisa nkhope yake, ndipo wa chitatu anaphimba pa malo obisika koma che Wayi anangoima nkumaonererabe uku akumwetulira. Kodi pakati pa akazi atatuwa anaganiza mozama ndi utiyo?

Kainga is an idealistic person who wishes to see all youths succeeding in their various dreams. “no one is a failure and no one is talented, many youths don’t use the talents they have”. Kainga continued with urging his fellow youths to work hard on different careers, “if you see yourself as a failure, you need to find the area where you are talented, that’s where your success may be”.

A fan of Big Bullets Fc, Kainga is famous of the song “happy day” which he did with his friend Young Sam. An executive producer at Presha-C Recording Studio, Kainga has ever worked with great names in the music industry such as Loyd phiri, Maggie Mangani, Kondwani Chirwa and Don Tarz just to mention a few. He is a church man and has also produced various gospel hits such as Salephera Yesu which has been enjoying massive air play on the local radio stations.




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