Govt Reforms Parastatals: JCE Abolished

The State President of Malawi His Excellence Professor Peter Mutharika has approved an implementation of reforms in over 40 public services which will see them operating on commercial basis.

Mutharika: has approved establishment of a State Corporate Policy
Mutharika: has approved establishment of a State Corporate Policy

According to a statement released by Public Services Reforms Management Unit, will start on 01st October 2015 and as a means of tracking progress, the parastatals will be required to give monthly reports to meet he commission quantity.

The parastatals which include all water boards, ESCOM, Malawi Housing Corporation, Malawi National Examination Board, University of Malawi and Roads Funds just to mention a few have since been authorized to use their Public Relations Officers so as to publicize the reforms they will be undertaking.

As part of the implementation, Malawi National Examination Board has been assured to proceed with its plan of abolishing the Junior Certificate of Education which will save about MK2 Billion annually. On the other hand,Standard 8 examination has been returned but no certificates will be awarded, instead Maneb will be issuing mere transcripts.

In order to control water leakages, all water boards in the country have been mandated to institute systems for checking water leakages and will operate under an umbrella.


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