Mzuni Students to Miss Registration Over Fees Issues

Mzuzu University students are set to miss registration for the new academic semester if they do not pay part of the school fees today, following the administration’s policy of ‘No fees no registration’, Times Maravi has learnt.

In an interview with some students, Times Maravi can reveal that the registration process which is scheduled to end later today will not accommodate students who have not contributed some amount of the school fees.IMG-20150921-WA019

The college’s administration has told students that they will be registered on the condition that a certain amount of fees is paid or agree that every month a certain amount should be deducted from their stipend (that is for government sponsored students).

“They are saying if we don’t pay fees we should withdraw. MUSU has failed to stand on our side and I think anytime I will be going home”, spoke one desperate second year student.

On Friday 18th September 2015, Mzuzu University Students Union (MUSU) executive addressed students in the general assembly about their meeting with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education Students Loans and Grants Board. At the Ministry, MUSU was quickly referred to the board as it is now responsible for processing loans for tertiary education students.

The board told MUSU that it is still processing the forms and only a small number of students will have access to it since half of the money was relocated to cater monthly allowances for government sponsored students.

This year’s intake to public University saw the abolishment of government sponsorship programme meaning that students are responsible for their upkeep and school fees.

Meanwhile some students at Mzuni are still waiting to see if they cannot be registered by the end of today. We will keep you informed as the events unfold.


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