APM`s UN Trip Cause Debates

The departure of His Excellency the State President Author Peter Mutharika to a United Nations General Assembly yesterday has ignited massive debates in local media houses and papers.

In a critical observation carried out by Times Maravi, the president’s sojourn which has accommodated about 115 people is perceived positively and negatively across Malawi.

An article titled “How APM’s Large UN Entourage Eats Into Your Pocket”, zodiak Online pointed out that if the said organisations which fund the delegation are public services, Malawians should worry because it is still tax payers money which is being used. Another online paper, Malawi24 has dramatized the president’s journey with a news story titled: “Mutharika Takes the Whole Village to UN”.

Considering the economic situation is in currently, it has taken the activists and the media institutions to express their views on the trip. The executive director of Malawi Economic Justice Network (MEJN) Dalitso Kubalasa said that in this reform era, there is a need to break down all the delegates going to UN because the presence of some delegates will add nothing to the country’s economy “In this era of not doing business as usual and this reform era, we need a break down of each of those going to UN and what value each of those in the delegation would add”, Kubalasa was quoted on Zodiak Online.

On the other hand, when asked to shed more light on the dilated delegation, Director of Information in the Ministry of Information Dr. Bright Molande said that Malawians should not think that the delegation’s funds are from government coffers, rather they are segmented. According former Chancellor College lecturer, the delegation is segmented into UN delegation proper and other officials who take advantage of the occasion to attend side meetings and they are funded by different stake holders ‘the UN delegation proper is funded by government while the other officials are funded by organisation”, explained Molande.

During Peoples Party’s era, the then state President Dr. Joyce Banda was also once questioned on the bloated delegation she used to travel with that it paralysed the economy of the country.


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