CIVIL Service Reforms, A Grave For The Poor

It just does not add up that while we are busy reforming the civil service at home, with such austere measures that grip the poor by the throat, and throws them down into their early graves (all in the name of serving some millions), that while we are busy doing this, the first citizen himself, a well learned Professor, should go on assembling dozens of friends on an expensive vacation to New York, a vacation that is paid for by the same tax-payers money we are trying to save. This seems ridiculous to me, and very insulting, especially to the very people we are torturing with these reforms.

To me, the president and his colleagues are on a vacation, a sweet vacation ever since their honeymoons. Come to think of it. The money that these 113 people have used on this vacation is enough to carter for fees of almost 1400 students at Domasi College of Education, who, as it stands now after the reforms, have to dig out K220, 000 from their own sorry pockets each academic year. This same amount of fees is close to or even less than what each of these vacationers spend every day! It seems like the whole civil service reforms is a move to secure enough money for the enjoyment of those in power.

It is like they sat down, evaluated the remnant in the government account after the cashgate, figured it out that it was not enough to sustain their enjoyment for the whole five years, and so decided to take it upon the poor taxpayer, who, as they already know, desires not much in this life.

Let’s give this new cashgate a beautiful name, they reasoned, and so it was christened: Civil Service Reforms. A sweet name, I admit, and its fruits, very beautiful:

  • Abolish Free Primary Education, so that the enrollment rate decreases, and we don’t have to train so many teachers…we can save a lot from that, you know, enough for sustaining a couple of mapwevupwevus….
  • Make Teachers Training Colleges expensive, so that we do not have every Jim and Jack within their corridors, and this will mean less teachers to be trained, and less to be paid……
  • Raise fees for Community Day Secondary Schools with such an obscene percentage so that a Nyakaunda somewhere in the bushy village of Mgodi should not send her many children to any secondary school; we cannot afford to sacrifice our mapwevupwevu just to pay fees for all of her children, you know how worrisome villagers can breed…..
  • Make it impossible for the child of a bush man to touch his/her feet upon the floors of any of the public universities. So raise fees everywhere, make it hard for these poor rogues to access the loan forms, let them get tired and retire to their huts….

The list goes on. At first I believed that these reforms were really welcome, but after having discovered that they are there to finance some other peoples’ vacation, I have come to be against it. Besides, why should we take it upon the poor people for the sins of some few selfish individuals who plundered the economy of this country? Why? Haven’t these poor fellas suffered enough already?

Fellow Malawians, I wonder why we are still nursing a leader who has totally failed the country. I wonder why we keep flashing teeth at him when he is already raking and plundering public resources at the very beginning of his first term. You and I know very well that in Malawi, we have to wait for either a death or a betrayal for one political party to let go of the government seat. You and I know very well that this lame Professor will still stick to the throne come 2019. Are we really ready to continue living under the rotten wings of this man?

Just think about it, fellow Malawians, think about it. Now he is in New York, enjoying millions of taxpayers’ money with his 113 friends, while judges here at home are left with a check that has bounced, poor parents in the villages are left with headaches as to how they will manage to educate their children. He is there, enjoying, just think about it.


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