Malawi to Take a Leading Role in SDGs – Mutharika

Malawi has reaffirmed its commitment to take a leading role in the implementation of Post 2015 Development Programs for the benefit of its people.

Speaking in New York on Friday at the UN General Assembly, President Peter Mutharika made the commitment when addressing the assembly.

In his speech, Mutharika told the gathering that Malawi’s failure to attain four of the eight goals was because the goals were not properly formulated based on the challenges that countries like Malawi encounters in the implementation of development programs.

Mutharika: His Country achieved four of the eights MGDs.
Mutharika: His Country achieved four of the eight MGDs.
The member states were assured that Malawi’s government has put mechanisms in place aimed at overcoming factors that contributed to the failures in the just ending MGDs.

The UN member States have adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which has replaced the Millenniun Development Goal (MDG) Agenda 2015. This has been so because not many countries have met all eight goals of the MDGs. The UN member states claimed that the outgoing goals were unrealistic due to their failure in addressing major challenges.

The new SDGs which in total has 17 goals has targeted the year 2030 for all member States to meet the goals.

Malawi failed to meet goals of poverty eradication, universal education, maternal health and gender equality and nutrition and did well in reducing infant and child mortality, HIV and AIDS management, and environmental management including climate change.


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