Malawian Girl Calls for International Support on Girl Child Education.

Mtisunge Kamphale, a Thirteen year old girl has called upon International Organizations at the 70th United Nations General Assembly in New York to help girls in Africa to overcome many challenges facing them in their quest for education, Malawi News Agency (Mana) has reported.

A Student who has just commenced her secondary life at Mulunguzi Community Day Secondary School in Blantyre, Mtisunge made the plea in New York when she was addressing a side meeting on Every Woman Every Child at the UN headquarters on Sunday afternoon.

In her speech, Mtisunge highlighted various problems that children face in course of their education. “Many children in Africa especially Malawi have the will to proceed with further education but usually they are besieged by many challenges which among them include early marriages, teenage pregnancies, poverty and civil strife,” she told the meeting as an African representative amid heavy applause

Mtisunge did not hide but told the congregation which included UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and other world leaders including Malawi’s President Professor Peter Mutharika if given necessary support, children especially girls would be able to continue with their education which is not the case at the moment since most of them are faced with the challenges resulting in their failure to continue with their studies.

Mtisunge (C): Organizations should unite in supporting girl child education.... Photo by Mana.
Mtisunge (C): Organizations should unite in supporting girl child education…. Photo by Mana.
Mtisunge emphasized on the need for the world leaders to take advantage of their gathering during this year’s General Assembly at which leaders have adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to exhaust all avenues aimed at putting all girls at a better place where they will be able grow into productive lives.

Speaking to Malawi News Agency (Mana), Mtisunge was delighted that she was identified as an ambassador for girls in the African continent and said she will take the message to all African countries. “It’s something I never imagined, to stand before world leaders and pass the message, I feel greatly humbled today,” she said.

In her response, Madame Getrude Mutharika, Malawi’s First Lady, declared that government would take an immediate action to the appeal by embarking on programs aimed at addressing the plight of children and women in the country so that they lead comfortable lives.

Mtisunge was among six girls who represented the continets at the UN General Assembly. The side meeting was organized by the movement to highlight problems women and children face for them to survive hardship in their respective countries.


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