Meet Chacjesco: ‘The New Kid on the Board’

The local urban music industry has become a football terrain full of players showcasing their inborn talents to spectators. Perhaps you have seen players, a good number of them, entering and leaving the game of music. Have you ever heard of Chacjesco?
On the local urban music fraternity, this is a name that may sound weird and it may rouse 1000 unanswered questions. But believe me, this ideal ‘New kid on the board’ is just a youngster who has come to rock the world of local urban music.
The lad behind this name is Chawama Jere, a 24 year old musician, producer and IT technician who has released various singles and intends to come up with an album soon. Hailing from the Lowershire district of Nsanje, Chacjesco is a second born in a family of five.

Chacjesco: Showing what he does best
Chacjesco: Showing what he does best

Most budding musicians would take years before they appear to audiences, but this has not been the music to Chacjesco who has already hit the ground running with his stellar performances that has attracted myriads. Music is not just a one man fashion show where one does everything like gorilla. So far Chacjesco has produced a number of singles alongside ‘Hacker’ and ‘Yam Kay’ and the trio are famously called ‘Mayoh a ku Nsanje’ whenever they are on the stage.

Mayoh a ku Nsanje: Entertaining their fans at Sorgin Trading Centre
Mayoh a ku Nsanje: Entertaining their fans at Sorgin Trading Centre

Some of his songs are already enjoying radio airplay in several local radio stations including Power 101, Ufulu FM and MIJ. In one of his famed songs titled Chimakwana in which he has also produced a video, the artist says ‘Chimakwana is a tune in which a boy is appreciating his lover’s love and showing her that he is ready to live with her forever’. The piece which features his two usual friends ‘Hacker’ and ‘Yam Kay’ is artistically shot in a way that fits the traditional Malawian context. Why did they chose to put Chimakwana in that way? ‘We put it in that way so that Malawians should feel that the youths have a role in preserving and promoting culture as old people can do’, he would respond. The video has been shot by Sautso Ndalama also known as Dj Sau of Unyoka Crew Video Production. Chimakwana video can be downloaded here

Chimakwana video: A true epitome of local tradition
Chimakwana video: A true epitome of local tradition

Chacjesco’s ecstatic music has been spurred by some local and international artists, but if you may ask him on the one he adores, he says “Nepman is the one I saw from a distance even when the public wasn’t able to recognise him”.
Malawians should therefore expect great music tunes from this youngster who has also an unnamed studio which he intends to call “Chacjesco records”. Unlike most youth who pace up and down searching for job opportunities, the ‘New kid on the Board’ is happy self-employed youngster who is currently studying for a diploma in IT technician.
Meanwhile one of his tracks ‘Usadzandisiye’ has also won airplay and it has booked a place to perform at “Dolo wa mu hood” concert on 25th October this year under the name Mayoh a ku Nsanje.
You can download other tracks by Chacjesco here


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