Open Letter to Mtawali and Ramadhan

Noble people in the sports fraternity, allow me to have my say on the so called “New Blood” Flames.

Football Association of Malawi (FAM) entrusted you (our coaches) to have good managerial skills over all other people who applied for the post. With all enthusiasm, you applied for the post of taking the role of ‘Saving the Sinking Flames’. It was all left in your hands to restore Flames’s lost Glory. Everyone, including I, was happy to have Messiahs.

Welcome coaches: Mtawali and Ramadhan being introduced as torch bearers
Welcome coaches: Mtawali and Ramadhan being introduced as torch bearers

But what is wrong with you now? Should we say that someone has intervened into your career? Have you forgotten your promises?

If the answer to the above latter question is yes, I am here to remind and I quote Mtawali’s words “I will dedicate myself to the Flames. I will choose players on how they perform in their different clubs not based on their names”. But I am fully interested in this quote by Mtawali which brought hopes to Malawians “I will make sure that our national team qualifies for AFCON and for the first time in history, Flames will make it to 2018 World Cup”.

Are we on the right track then? Will Flames really make it to AFCON and World Cup? Only God knows. As president Obama says, “Change, Yes we Can”. It is possible to change things for better and for worse. If you want to change for worse, you better close your eyes, ears, switch off your mobile device so that you rely on your individuality. If you want to change for better, you better do the opposite to the former.

Let’s not be cheated by the word “New Blood”. This word came in as a reaction on what our legends said on Mtawali being Flames’s mentor.

When asked on Flames future in hands of Mtawali, Malawi’s renown players such as Joseph Shakira Kamwendo, Esau Black-Mamba kanyenda, Harry Nyirenda, Atusaye Nyondo, Robert Bargio Ng’ambi, Fischer Khondowe and Frank Banda were not happy with FAM’s decision of hiring Mtawali.

They were not happy not because that they were old blood, but that they knew who Mtawali is when it comes to Football. They said and I quote “Mtawali Sioyenera kukhala coach wa Flames, kuli bwino azikocha under 21” [Mtawali is not eligible to coach the Flames, he better switch to under 21]. Many people thought that these words were full of nonsense but they seem to come into reality now.

If you never knew, you will know from me now that legendary players have been sidelined since the coming of Mtawali and Ramadhan because of what they said and not because of their age or performance. Who doesn’t know how Ng’ambi and Kanyenda are playing in South Africa? Who doesn’t know how Atusaye is helping his team in Mocambique? Why not featuring them? What wrong did they do to you?

You have looped in Stanley SanudI, Miracle Gabeya, Bright Munthali, Isaac Kaliati, Manase Chiyesa, Yamikani Chester, Levison Maganizo just to mention some.

Are these what you call “New Blood”? Are they performing well in their respective teams? You keep on changing the squad. We played Uganda on Independence Day Celebrations which we won. You brought in some new faces during the Swaziland game, dropping the legends and we were forced into a draw. You kept on dropping other players such as Richard Chipuwa bringing in a player who is serving a ban by the name Simplex Nthala. We used to know Nthala as the best goalie in Malawi, but how can he perform after couple of months without playing? I believe you have the answer.

Its been a long time Flames has been under performing in different competitions. This is because there are some players in the squad who do not deserve a place in it I guess. I have been following the performance of players in their respective clubs. Bright Munthali has not really helped his club which is lying at the bottom of the table, then why earning a national team call-up? There are a lot of goalies who have helped their clubs such as John Soko of Blue Eagles, Blessings Kameza of Silver Strikers and Chimwemwe Kumkwawa of Big Bullets, but why side lining them? As I have already said, Nthala has not been playing in Mocambique because he is serving a ban, why allowing him to man the posts?

Correct me if I am wrong but Miracle Gabeya has not been given game time at his club yet playing for all the 90 minutes during the Taifa Stars encounter? Why not John Lanjesi?

Most respected men of our decade, I can judge you that you do not know the right time to make a substitution, you must really work on that.

I repeat, TATOPA NDI KUMWA WA MANDIMU, we need a change. Make your dreams come true men of God. We need our legends back in the squad so that they work hand in hand with the “New Blood”


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