Kabaza Workers Worry Over Tax Rumours

Kabaza workers in Zomba City and surrounding areas are working with worries amidst speculations that the Zomba City Council will impose tax to everyone providing Kabaza service.

According to reports, Nthanda Times can reveal that tension has arisen among the workers who are expecting the city council to rolling out the tax collection exercise soon.

The issue of tax collection has become a hot potato among Kabaza workers as everyone is fed with the rumour that the council has already sent letters notifying them about the development. “I have just heard from my friends about the tax and that the council sent letters to us concerning this issue, but I don’t know if it is true or not”, said one of the Kabaza workers at Chinamwali township and pleaded to not disclose his name.

Nthanda times has also learnt that many Kabaza workers are not against the idea of introducing taxes, but their concern dwells on the amount of tax which is allegedly said to be K 5 000. 00 per month. “I think that the development is good, however it will be a burden for most of us to source K 5 000”, said Chisale one of the workers. Most kabaza workers are saying they also have huge responsibilities for their families on their shoulders and they suggest that it would be better if the tax falls within the range of K 500 to K 1000.

Kabaza is a reliable transportation in different locations across Zomba and it ferries people to school, work, business and other places. However, Kabaza work is no longer profitable as everyday the number of workers is multiplying.

Meanwhile, the workers are keen to hear what the council will cook for them.



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