Good Governance, Not Your Money Prof!

Osauka alibe mawu! Alibe! Oh! Alibe
mawu! Alibe!

It was a way back when I listened to the state broadcaster. I just developed the detest because my ears got fed up with the presidential speeches. One could easily predict what the President with his troupe would say on the next day’s whistle stop tour: “the opposition party is entering into my shoes”; “Me and my government have decided not to work with the opposition parties”.

What then? You mean you have wasted our taxes to utter those nonsense?” Everywhere, be it at Unima at 50, funeral services, you hear them castigating the opposition and media institutions. I just thought of saving my batteries for another programs like ‘LITANIA LA MAYI MARIA’. This program would rather bring me closer to my God.

Is it a ritual that when you are in government should trush your
manifestos and render into castigations? Maybe because I have never been in government and I intend not to.

My eyes were also saved from seeing the castigaters. This was not because that i did not have a screen from which i could see the motion pictures. I am proud of my 1937 made television set. Though it is a black and white model, i really enjoy it. A big thank you to the ESCOMS personels for the endless blackouts. I could hear people in the Matola I used to board on my way to Magobo talking about a certain leader who has taken his whole village to the UNGA.

A leader is one who knows the way,
goes the way, and shows the way –
John C. Maxwell bla bla bla.

What impact would that village bring to our sick economy? More damage I guess. I couldn’t put a phrase in their conversations because I knew nothing of the issue. I just had to concentrate on that day’s work of breaking quarry to have my daily bread.

“The UN trip has costed the
Malawian government a lot of
millions”. Our taxes are being sploited
indeed. There are no drugs in
hospitals, teachers are not being paid.
Several others suffering because of
unemployment yet such bucks are
wasted for personal business.

I was left speechless when I opened the
state broadcaster to hear the
president say by himself “I DONT
IN THE U.S”. This statement reminded
me of 2014’s Christmas eve when
Peter Mutharika invited children at
Kamuzu Palace. He told the children
that he has a lot of money and the
nation should not ever think of
criticizing him for abusing public funds.
He uttered words which I don’t
understand till now. He said “fwe fwe
fwe fwe”, maybe you can help me
interpret the word.

Now Che Pitala, we already know that you are rich but that should not be a burden to us. Being the state president doesn’t mean that you must talk anyhow. Have you forgotten that we helped you financially during your wedding ceremony last year? The Holy Book says “blessed is the hand that giveth than the one that taketh”.

This is not America, rather it is Malawi. Malawians are the ones who voted for you to help them. There is no way of talking about your worth.

People are after good governance not your worth. When will hospitals have drugs as they used to be in the past? There are so many malfunctioning ambulances in the hospitals which await your government to fix them. A lot of Schools have no resources, talk of Laboratories, school blocks even teachers even though two cohorts are waiting for posting. Wouldn’t you think of using your money to help our economy grow and fix all the problems?

Since you say to have a lot of money, why then couldn’t you suspend the selling of Malawi Savings Bank and instead donate your funds to save the sinking ship?

I don’t even know if you used
your personal funds during the recent
UN trip with your bloated delegation. I
am just a juvenile but don’t think that
50 years ago there was a person
called Peter Mutharika who existed in
Nyasaland but people managed to
survive. Kamuzu Banda, Bakili Muluzi,
Bingu wa Mutharika and Joyce Banda
were also on the realm but none of
them boasted of having a lot of
money. I cant deny the fact that they
were castigaters but managed to leave
notable structures. Talk of Chancellor
College, Kamuzu Central Hospital,
various secondary schools, new
parliament building, shoprite in
Mzuzu, Bingu International Stadium
just to mention a few. I wonder if
there has been anything promising in
the past two years in addition to the
so called “Community Colleges”. The
other presidents never called
Malawians poor, they instead
embarked on strategies of controlling
our economy.

Its now a common issue in the country to hear about the daily devaluation of Kwacha which
was not the case in the past. Even the
major cashgate convict Mrs. Joyce
Banda never promised Malawians to
build houses but through her Mudzi
Transformation Trust Project, our lives
were really transformed since she
built picknin houses for us poor
people. Mr. Merchant, our memories
are still fresh that you promised us
subsidized Cement and Malata. I don’t
know if I’m the only poor fellow to
have heard that in your manifestos.
Has anyone received them Mr.
Merchant? We are still waiting for your
promise Mr. Merchant as you can see
that we are nearing rainy season. In
the past two years you have been in
power, Malawi has passed through
worse conditions ever. No electricity,
no water, price of subsidized fertilizer
up by more than 500%, schools
hicked, J.C.E abolished and the upper
most, devaluation of kwacha day after
another. Just a reminder, Mr.
Merchant, we are eagerly waiting for
your invitation to the ceremony of
burning of the multi-billion elephant tusks.

Malawians are still waiting for all those things you promised in your manifestos.

And again, when are you raising the
taxes again?



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