NCHE”s Mute Cast Doubts to Needy Students

National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) silence over the release list of names for “University Students Loans” has casted doubts among needy students who are anxiously waiting every passing day.

In interviews with some of the needy students at Mzuzu University and Polytechnic College, Nthanda Times can reveal that the students are worried that they may be withdrawn on financial grounds as NCHE is yet to dictate names of beneficiaries.

University students: Heavily need support to continue studies
University students: Heavily need support to continue studies

On 6th October, 2015, NCHE through it’s official Facebook page communicated that it will release the names of successful candidates who applied for the loan by 10 th October, 2015. However, as the month of October is waving goodbye the boards failure to stick to it’s promises has made students, who are trotting up and down corridors trying to get registered, to wonder as to what and why the board is silent.

“Registration ends on Friday this week, but I am not registered, we are many of us here, needy students”, said one desperate first year student at Polytechnic college.

National Council for Higher Education is a board that was established by act of parliament in 2011, and it has been entrusted by government to handle issues to do with selection of students into public universities and be responsible for identifying loan beneficiaries beginning 2015/16 academic year. This means that government is no longer responsible for providing upkeep allowances to students hence the selection of this year has seen all students being enrolled on self-sponsorship basis.

Despite ending of registration period at Mzuzu university, some students are not yet registered and they are waiting for NCHE following the consensus they had with their t administration to let they learn as they await for NCHE”s final say. “We are not yet registered though we are attending classes. The administration only registers those who have paid a certain amount of fees. Now I and my friends are waiting for what will transpire at the board, and if it won’t materialise I will be forced to return home earlier”, narrated a second year Optometry student of Mzuzu University.

Meanwhile, the students are attending classes worriedly as they are also hearing rumours that only a few number of needy students will be considered since the money allocated to the board is not enough to cater for every needy student.


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