Umsu Warns NCHE Board

The University of Malawi Students Union (UMSU) has threatened the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) board to present list of beneficiaries for the 2015/26 academic year in black and white by Thursday this week or face a thing which they have not mentioned.

According to reports gathered by Nthanda Times,  the umbrella union of Chancellor College, Kamuzu College of Nursing, Polytechnic College and College of Medicine has express its anger in a letter which they have sent to the board.

Mzuzu University: The future of some students at the campus is still unknown
Mzuzu University: The future of some students at the campus is still unknown


The tempered Union has said that it is surprised as to why the board is still reluctant to give the list of the beneficiaries as it is now almost two months since the board received the loan application forms from needy students.

The public relations officer for the board Faith Mnthunzi has however asked for the union to be calm as it has not yet finished the process of identifying the exact needy students to benefit from the program. This contracts with the communication they made earlier on through its official Facebook page where they elaborated that by 10th October the names will be out.

The birth of the board has seen the cancellation of students union handling issues to do with loans implying that the board alone is the sole body receiving forms direct from needy students. “Umsu does not understand why the board is distancing itself from students unions arguing that the matter does not concern students union”, said one member of Umsu.

The union has called upon the board to answer them timely because delay in the program would mean raising their already arose temper.

Meanwhile, as studies are going on in different institutions many students are not yet registered despite the closure of the registration period.




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