Man Kills Own Wife in KU

A man in Kasungu is leaving in hiding
places running away from angry mob
after he intentionally killed his wife.

According to information confided to
Nthanda Times by witnes, the incident
happened in the wee hours of 29th
October 2015.

The witnes further said that the couple misunderstood each other over food issues “there was blackout from 4 am to 12 am. The woman was working at a maize mill”.

Due to the blackout, she decided to go back home to cook for her family. When the husband came back home
to take lunch, he discovered that there
was no relish and went to chill with colleagues at a drinking place in the district.

When they were sleeping, the couple
quarrelled and the woman distanced
herself and slept at the sitting room
running away from the angry husband only to be found lying in a pool of blood.

“When drunk, he used to tell his wife
that he will kill her one day, no wonder this has happened”, said one of the witneses.

Some people are suggesting that the
murder was planned by his father
because when children called their
grandparents to explain on the issue,
they were told that no wonder, they
are together.

The body of the deceased was burried
on the other day. Police have since
launched a man hunt of the murder
who is staying away from angry mob
which is thought to be related to the


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