Somalis and a Malawian arrested in Chiwamba

Police in Lilongwe have on Friday evening arrested 32 Somalis who were travelling to South Africa and a Malawian who wanted to help them escape.

According to information gathered by Nthanda Times, nobody knows where the Somalis were coming from but suspect that they escaped from Dzaleka Refugee Camp. They reached at Chioko Trading Center in Traditional Authority Chimutu in the city at around 11 pm. Thandie Khomani and his brother Alinane Khomani who are being suspected of aiding the refugees to escape talked to the refugees and agreed to give them shelter. Some eye witnesses told Nthanda Times that Thandie and his brother Alinane were promised a huge amount of money from unknown people who were to take them the next day.

The brothers kept the 32 crew into their house out of their parents’ knowledge.

In the morning of Friday, people who came to work near Thandie’s house were puzzled to hear voices conversating in foreign language in the house. “when we heard the foreign language, we peeped into the house and we saw the group of people who had dug a deep latrine. When we asked Thandie’s mother if the visitors were has, she said she knew nothing of the people”, said one witness. The well wishers reported the case to Chiwamba Community Police who came to the rescue.

Police arrested the Somalis together with their good Samaritan Thandie Khomani but whereabouts of his brother Alinane is still at large.

When the arrested people were taken to Chiwamba Community Police, angry people stonned a Spassio car without a number plate which is believed to be the one the Somalis wanted to use.

Thandie Khimani hails from Chioko Village; Traditional Authority Chimutu in Lilongwe


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