Poisonous Cassava Leaves One Dead and Others Admitted in Chiwamba

One person has died and four others (names withheld) admitted at Chiwamba Health Center in Traditional Authority Chimutu in Lilongwe after they ate cassava which is suspected to be poisonus.

Due to hanger which has affected the family, the head of the family went out on Sunday morning to fetch for food. After hours of unfruitful trials, the man resorted to digging the cassava, commonly known as Chinangwa cha Mgalanga in the area so that the family should dinner.

Reports in indicate that wife to the sia husband cooked half of the cassava reserving the other half for the next day. Since they stayed a couple of days on empty stomachs, children of the house did not satisfy their hunger and started eating the uncooked cassava.

Since it is believed that uncooked cassava of such kind is poisonus, the children started vomiting. After a while, the parents too started vomiting and they became weak.

When nearhbours heard cries of the children, they rushed to the scene and took the family to Chiwamba Community Health Center but one child was pronounced dead upon arrival.

The development comes as there is no maize at Chiwamba Admarc depot. The family hails from Kaimapanjira Village, T/A Chimutu, Lilongwe.


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