A Woman Drowns in Lufirizi River

Barely a few days after a fisherman was found dead on Lake Malawi, people have found bodies of a 23-year-old woman Lonely Chipulula and her five months-old- daughter floating in Lufirizi river in Nkhotakota district.

The two mate the fate on December 30, 2015 in the morning as they were trying to cross the river which was flooded due to heavy rains in the district.

According to the deceased’s husband Mr. Wilson Davion (32) of Thawale village in the area of Senior chief Mwadzama in the district, he went to the maize garden which is on the other side of the river with his wife and the daughter. The husband left for home after he got tired leaving behind his wife who was looking for relish.

The husband became worried with the long stay of his wife and decided to follow her. Shockingly, upon reaching Lufirizi river, Wilson saw her wife floating on the river. It was later discovered that both the wife and a child were dead.

Postmortem conducted by Nkhotakota district hospital officials showed that the two people dead due to drowning and suffocation, while police have ruled out any foul play.

The deceased Lonely Chipulula hailed from Nkambisi in the area of Tradtional Authority (T/A) Chilooko in Ntchisi district.


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