Lights. Camera. Action. In the Classroom!

A Fulbright Scholar Teaching Communication Arts in Malawi

This past week I was asked by the Fulbright Commission in Washington, D.C. if I could send them some pictures for their website of me in the classroom with students. So, I went to my advanced level Theories of Communication class on Tuesday, March 8th, with camera in hand. It was not hard to find volunteers to take “action shots” during our class.

Kali Teaching 2.jpgYou can see that on this bright, sunny afternoon, the classroom is full and the students are engaged. Even though the university has a policy to not take attendance in the classroom, the students are never absent. I must say that it makes teaching all the more enjoyable!

Kali Teaching 8.jpgHere I am talking about Petronio’s (1991) Communication Privacy Management Theory.

Kali Teaching 3.jpgWe had quite a discussion about the “decision-making criteria for developing privacy rules.” In other words, what are the criteria that determine when a person feels comfortable enough…

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