The Illusions of Democracy: Whether Malawi can Benefit from Such a Political System

I often tell my fellow students that we have entered the age of chaos, a phase of transition from existence to extinction. The human race is on the verge of self-annihilation, self-abnegation. The Hegelian spirit has now realized itself fully and its catastrophic impact is now looming. For us the unsuitable medium of western civilization the growth of this spirit has been very fast, skipping a lot of stages. At the bud stage consciousness has already advanced beyond itself, it has flung itself towards the sun, in search of freedom, of fruition. This is where the catastrophe begins. I tell them all this, forgetting that they are just a bunch of twenty first century victims of Facebook and Whatsapp, with nothing in their heads but a shortand for Whatsapp and Facebook messages. I have come to
realize this lately though, and that’s why I have chosen to write, that perhaps a human with a human mind out there can read into my thoughts and fears.

There is a certain absurdity in reaching out for freedom when the threshold on which you stand is fragile, and rotten,
needing another consciousness to take care of it. This is the madness we have witnessed with democracy in our country. Our civilization masters, in the west, had reached out for this freedom when their thresholds had been fully
built, when the ground had been cleared for the development of the individual. Democracy, in these first class countries, had found a rich and fertile soil on which to build itself. They had done all the building there was to do, and what remained was to stand tall on the towers, be free and, overwhelmed by this freedom, fling themselves down, towards self-abnegation. The western man now is no longer a human being, thanks to democracy and capitalism.

It should be noted that, all things considered, development has two main turns. The first turn should always be thedevelopment of the society, of the whole nation. The second is the development of the individual. Each of these developments is made possible through a certain type of leadership system. Dictatorship carters for the former, and democracy for the latter. The latter cannot be attained without first attaining the former. For the individual to develop, it must have a conducive environment on which to build its edifice. This environment, as far as our country is concerned, we have not built.

Our freedom fighters, mainly nurtured in the west, forgot that the towers of Paris, and of course New York, are not to be found here. Excited by the practical realization of classroom ideologies in these exile countries, they thought that the same would happen here in their motherland, without even examining the ground on which these ideological rockets are to be launched. Trust me, whether it is madness, or just some neurotic impulse within me, I have always associated heights with freedom. Who can be able to attain freedom, between the one standing tall on top of New York towers, with a cup of coffee in one hand, and the other hand in his pocket, and the one squatting to pick cheap rotten fish at Phwetekere market, the dusty market that makes part of our capital city?

I have always looked at the attainment of freedom as the final phase of human life, the stage of annihilation, the point at which man commits suicide. Here man strives to exist and live for himself, only for himself, and this is the greatest tragedy, for life is meaningful only when it is controlled, and is in relation to other conscious beings. As Hegel puts it, human essence is a social construct. The plant that has finally attained the status of being called a plant is on the verge of annihilation. It has surpassed the state of becoming. Whatever ceases to become ceases to exist, for existence is a state of becoming.

Democracy, with its freedoms and multiparty uniforms, should be banished from our society. The country needs building, the house needs to be set in order. Free beings that democracy has bred cannot do this. Free beings are free in all respects. They can choose to lie around all day doing no work. As long as they are free, no mortal will come nagging them, lest he risks arrest for trespassing the rights of others. A country like ours that needs building, such freedom should not be tolerated.

Whoever is the leader, if he is really a leader, should take a whip, and in the name of building our democratic devastated country, whip all subjects to their senses, and force them to carry stones for the building. The Kamuzu era went wrong only when it devoured its subjects, fed them to crocodiles, but, as far as country building was concerned, it was the best. I wonder what would have happened to this country if it started on a democratic plane. We would surely have no cities at all! No roads, no whatever. Only battles among political parties, and of course Whatsapp planned coups.

Only when we have built the country, only when we have built the bridges across our yawning gullies, only when we have built the towers on which to stand, only when we have done this, can we really seek for freedom, for our final phase of life, our annihilation.


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