The Lad Behind “Ofatsa Uja”: Walking Taller in Music

If you happen to love music, then Ofatsa is a name you should be thinking about. It is not just about the number of tracks to his credit, not just about what he has done and not just what is next from him.

Working under Ofatsa Music Inc and Dj Ken’s Super Sounds Recods, Ofatsa whose real name is Wakisa James is a singer, songwriter and performer based in Malawi’s green city of Mzuzu. As early as 2008, Wakisa begun his music journey, but he prioritised education and reappeared later in 2012. Currently, he is a final year nursing student at Mzuzu University.

Waxxy: begun his music career some years back
Waxxy: begun his music career some years back

One of his earliest singles is Kankazi. In a song, he professes his love for a girl and presents himself to the girl as Ofatsa (humble man). “I imitated to use it (Ofatsa)…though ndine Ofatsa as well”, explains Wakisa on how the name Ofatsa arose. However, when in music business, he prefers to call himself Waxxy. Apart from Kankazi, Waxxy has produced songs such as Dalitsani Anzanga, Mwina Simudziwa and Ulendo. Just listening to these songs one would be able to depict the uniqueness in Waxxy that is reflected in the content.

Waxxy perfoming in Dalitsani Anzanga Video
Waxxy perfoming in Dalitsani Anzanga Video

Ofatsa Music is Wakisa’s label since parting ways with a South African label and now he works with Super Sounds to promote his music. So far, he is yet to come up with an album but has recorded more than twenty singles. “I am a reggae dancehall artist who fuse some Afro RnB to make my uniqueness”, reveals Waxxy on his type of music.

One would wonder how he merge schooling with music, especially considering the hefty class work including assignments. Waxxy explains, “Am not in class 24 hours so I use the time am free to work on music. I don’t allow my music to interfere with school and vice versa”. People love music, especially the message presented in it. And it the message that defines what is to be regarded as music. “My music is what we go through life. But I have done much of love perspective of life”, he explains on the message presented in his songs.

As he continues his quest in music, Waxxy is eyeing to rock the international scene. I must say that he would find his space, a space to put Malawi on the limelight. Waxxy draws inspiration from various artists locally and on the international scene, as he says: “I am a big fan of Vybz, Ma Blacks, Saint, Blasto, Chris Martin and Jah Vinc to mention a few”.

As he is now finishing his studies, let us wait to see the cake which Wakisa James has been preparing to share with us. You can download some of his songs here.


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