The Rambler: Furious Effusions from a Common Man

It was the colonial mercantile system all over again, set up to make it easy for those with power and limited natural resources to exploit those with resources but no power…(Jerkins, 2004, Confessions of an Economic Hitman)

I am a rambler, I admit, a pathetic rambler. It is a disease I am well aware of, and a disease I have suffered from, and I will go on suffering from it, unless its cause is curbed. To curb the cause of this disease is not a joke, one must possess some really strong guts to do so, for as long as petty thugs and bloody capitalists continue holding our lives in their hands, I will continue rambling, and whimpering, like a little child, for that is all I can do, especially in a country where a revolution is a sin.

But there is catastrophic disease sweeping across our land, the American disease, its carrier, the World Bank, The International Monetary Fund, and the western Research Agencies that predict the winning of a certain idiot in General Elections. It has been visiting us on many occasions, this disease. During the late Bingu’s rule, it came to devalue our currency, with a small bet in its hand, a World Bank package, to lure Mbwiye to its trap. But he saw it, having been much accustomed to capitalist business, and declined. He sent its messengers to ease their beans-filled stomachs elsewhere. IMF threatened, warned, and Bingu became unpopular. Journalists, international as well as local alike, were busy dropping phrase after phrase on Bingu’s head, labeling him the bringer of doom.

Result? Bingu saw how ungrateful and ignorant we are, so he switched gears. He chose to turn into an idiot. The welfare of the country no longer interested him, for he had no support from the society, so he concentrated on his brother’s career, I mean the current lawyer we have for a president. To what extent what am saying is true, is for the reader to Judge, if truth has an extent at all. I am only a young critic, trying to make sense of the chaos around me.

IMF breathed relief with the coming of Amayi. While Bingu wanted to turn Malawi into a productive farm, Joyce Banda turned it into a kitchen, a place where food is only cooked. A kitchen exists in as far as there is a farm from which to source food. This farm Amayi did not have, and this was a happy news to IMF and other parasites alike. They knew now it was possible to lure Amayi with bets, and indeed, wherever she went, she begged, told us openly how earnestly she could kneel before her masters, ndinakagwada, ndinakapempha, anandiuza, bla bla bla. Malawi turned into an IMF and World Bank puppet.

Now here we are with our lawyer as a president. Not only does this drama of a lawyer not care about Malawi as a country, but he also is totally ignorant, totally blank as to how he can solve the myriad problems hitting our land. In as far as answering to critics is concerned, he is his brother’s incarnate, but in terms of dealing with the western disease, he is a puppet, a simple child whimpering. The West has seen their interest in him, so he is winning the General Elections come 2019. But are we sure that our lawyer here is the kind of leader we will have to stand in the sun and vote for in May 2019?

I have written elsewhere that of the two aspects of development, national and individual, it is national development that should be tackled first. Peter has not even tried an inch to develop the nation. But still the West likes him. The west knows that with the systems they implore us to follow, we can in no way develop nationally. They have dropped an overwhelming Shakespearian question upon our heads, to be homosexuals or not to be, so that we can concentrate on making homosexual policies, instead of Development strategies. This means that they are still the masters, fifty years after physically driving them from our land. This is what happens in a free land.

We must remember, however, that it is not freedom, but dictatorial and brutal force that built Western economy and its cities——first by free labour from Africa, then by military conquest. This development force is what the west doesn’t want us to employ. I repeat the assertion that I put forward in the Illusion of Democracy: In as far as National Development is concerned, we do not need Democracy, Capitalism, Free Market economy, and other associated ideologies. In building a nation, we must first forget about our freedom, our rights, and our worth as individuals. Of what worth are we individually when we are swimming in a sea of mud?

But what does our lawyer-President say, in a free land? ine ndiribe pulobulemu.


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