Izoizo Empire Provides Stage for Young Talented Artists

Izoizo Empire has embarked in a movement of giving young Malawian artists platform for displaying their hidden talents by giving them opportunity to perform live shows around Zomba city and surrounding areas.

With the aim of promoting young artists, the organisers of Izoizo Empire have revealed to Nthanda Times that they are now investing their vision into action by showcasing young Malawians talent through conducting various public shows.

During one of the festival on Sunday 27, March 2016, some young musicians showed their passion in music industry by uncovering their efforts and entertained people at Chinamwali Trading Center. Among the performers, Sazabweranso Crew lead by Victor Khoma (Vendrick) and Swag Girls lead by Grace Chair (Chizmo-B) amused the audience which in turn saw them enjoying a round of applause. “We were not expecting that the talent we have is what people outside there are waiting for. Now I can tell that one day I will be someone more than Sangie. Great thanks to Izoizo Empire for this opportunity.” said Grace Chair.

Swag Girls posing for a photo after performance
Swag Girls posing for a photo after performance

Three quarters of the perfomers who stole people’s attention at the show are still in their primary school levels and only few attend secondary school education. Members of Swag girls, Gertrude Grivin, Grace Chiar and Dorothy Saika aged 15, 14, and 13 respectively, are in starndard 8 at Chikamve primary school. So far, the trio have produced three songs, titled Ndafikano, Humble life, and Madolo.

On behalf of Sazabweranso Crew, Vendrick aged 18, revealed that they have been waiting for a day like this where there effort can be exposed to everybody and their names to be everywhere like those international artists. “My songs have always been under the cover but through Izoizo Empire shows I can now sense that am making my name known. Although my name is still rooted underground I believe that one day it will suit the rank of those American guys.”

Vendrick (second from left) outshines with his Sazabweranso Crew after their hot performance
Vendrick (second from left) outshines with his Sazabweranso Crew after their hot performance

The organisers have shown interest in the performance of the artists and they are encouraging other budding artists to take part. “We urge those young ones who have talent to come and show them through our programme” said one member of Izoizo Empire.

Currently, Izoizo Empire is embarking on organising related shows to continue presenting hidden talent to the nation.


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