Mzuni Students in Hard Times

Mzuzu University students are finding studies tough after learning that it would take time before the new library is fixed to replace the one which was gutted by fire in December last year.

According to reports, Nthanda Times can reveal that recently the Vice chancellor, Dr Robert Ridley recently addressed the students that the plans to replace the old library are underway but students will have to wait as they do not have enough funds at the moment.

In an effort to address the library challenge, the institution has made the hall into a library and rents St. Augustine Church Hall, situated about 2 kilometers away from the campus, to conduct meetings as well as to accommodate other bigger classes. The Vice Chancellor told the students that if they had money amounting to 500 million dollars, the construction of the library would take two years. However, he said that in the meantime they intend to construct a new hall to replace the one which is used as the library.

‘They turned a hall into library. Currently, the available books are just about 5000, although they are saying the problem will be fixed”, spoke one student.

In the wee hours of 18 th December last year fire suspected to have been incited by an electric fault gutted down the university’s library, destroying 45, 000 books and other facilities worth hundreds of millions kwacha.

In commenting about how the St. Augustine issue has affected studies, another student said: “long distance means time allocated for the lecture is used for traveling. Fatigue also affects one mind, and since other programmes don’t go there, those who go there may feel the university has ill-treated them so there is the issue of mental disturbance. As you know just like reading, learning requires a healthy and stable mind to grasp the concepts. Although they are saying that other books are on their way, but it is really hard here”.

Meanwhile, the institution has made WI-Fi internet to be accessed freely to allow students acquire electronic books.

In another development, some needy students are unregistered since the ‘no fees no registration’ policy has taken center stage.


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