To My Daughter

I can’t believe that the time has come For you to finally sprout

I raised you all these years all by myself

You were the only joy i had and now i have to see you go

My child, though the road be big,

learn to walk the journey alone

Even if you get surrounded by weak people,

don’t change to fit in, always remain strong

Do not get deceived by the appearance of this world

This is not where we belong


The journey is still on Through God’s grace till we reach home

Its very typical that i am getting old

But always remember what you were told

Don’t get shaken,please stay bold Situations will always get rough but never commit suicide

Consult the Lord and always let him be in front no matter what you decide

Every wall that ever stood in your way will be conquered 

My child,don’t ever be bossy

Don’t you ever dare be pompous

The same people who you think they are below you

They will rise,you’ll see


Not all who smile at you wish you well

Some are the ones that help you fail

Trusting a person is not an option

The World itself is filled with deceptions

No matter how beautiful or glorious it looks,

flee yourself away from sin

Always pray for God’s grace so you’ll stay clean

If you don’t listen to me my daughter, you’ll regret

Know that i love you, i wish you a nice journey

and don’t forget to greet Sosten for me, that will be great


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