UNIMA Releases Selection of Generic Non-residential Students

The wait is finally over for students who had applied for various programs in University of Malawi following the release of the successful names by National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) on Monday.

Out of all students who applied, a total of 2085 candidates have been selected to pursue various academic programmes in the University of Malawi. The gender breakdown of this figure is 998 females representing 47.86% and 1087 males representing 52.13% of the candidates. Candidates to be admitted by the University of Malawi, account for about half of the combined total of all candidates selected by public universities in Malawi. The figure is larger than that of last year where a total of 1920 candidates were selected to pursue various programmes at the University of Malawi. There were also 7 special needs candidates who joined various programmes in the University of Malawi. This year, 9 applications with special needs were considered for admission in adherence to the policy on equitable access to higher education.

You can download the copy of names of Successful candidates here


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