3 Years In for Assaulting Husband

A woman in Mchinji has been convicted and sentenced to three years imprisonment with hard labor after she was found guilty to assaulting charges she was answering.

The woman, Tereza Njirankhondo aged 34 is said to have poured hazardous chemical of acid on her husband, Brighton Sosten aged 40 following misunderstanding which erupted between the two

Sergeant Beatrice Kankhuni, the state prosecutor told the court that despite having five children in their family, the two who got married in 2002 are on separation since the husband has been accusing his wife of having extra marital affairs. The state prosecutor further said that on September 12, 2016 the wife went after her husband and got him at a nearby village in the district where she confiscated a bicycle and other household items.
This act caused a fight between the two couples. The wife hit her husband with a hammer on his back before pouring acid in his eyes. The medical report which the prosecutor tendered showed that the husband sustained a deep cut in the head, bruises on his back and suffered corneal burns.

The First Grade Magistrate His Worship Rodwell Major Phiri said that the case was proved beyond reasonable doubts and the woman was found guilty of acts intended to cause grievous harm which is contrary to section 235 of the penal code. In passing the sentence, his worship Rodwell Major Phiri said that there is a need for offenders of gender based violence to face consequences of the law so as to deter would be offenders.

Tereza Njirankhondo hails from Mikonga 2 in the area of traditional authority Zulu in Mchinji.


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