Dj Zimbabwe Takes Wayisoni Into Animations

A renowned standup comedian Dj Zimbabwe wa Ku Malawi has taken a great stride in comedy industry as he has started producing animations of Wayisoni Comedies.
Zimbabwe who is also known as Wayisoni Kumtsebe has told Nthanda Times in an interview on Thursday that as long as making people happy remains his passion, he thought of technologizing his Wayisoni comedies to make it funnier and interesting. “As a comedian, I always think of what to do to make people happy, then I chose to animate Wayisoni cartoon series to make it funnier”, said Zimbabwe.
A year into the animation business, Zimbabwe who has managed to produce a total of 5 Wayisoni animations says it is not easy to produce animations as compared to audio comedies. The animations are produced in Chichewa, Tumbuka and English and they are about societal issues with the recently released animations talking about excessive blackouts in the country. The produced animations are already enjoying waves on Matindi Television and MBC Television.

Dj Zimbabwe has also said that Malawians should expect a lot of fireworks from him as he is now engaged in different production activities. “Malawians should expect more things from me of which I can’t say them all. But among other things, I’m in process of producing a Wayisoni Cartoon Movie series, Wayisoni volume 1 standup comedies and cartoon music videos”, Said the young talented Zimbabwe.
Dj Zimbabwe who is also writing his own biography has produced a couple of Wayisoni audio comedies which have enjoyed airplay on Times Radio.

Zimbabwe has since urged Malawians to start acknowledging local talent because in so doing, the producers will have an encouragement of producing more and more animations.

Malawians should acknowledge local talent: Kainga
Malawians should acknowledge local talent: Kainga

Apart from the local encouragement, Zimbabwe has also pleaded with Malawi Government to support comedy industry as it does with other industries. He also said that media must play a central role in promoting comedy industry by having programs through which people would be exposed to comedy products and know some more knowledge as far as the industry is concerned.
Born Precious Kainga, Dj Zimbabwe wa ku Malawi is also a producer, musician who has shared stage with big names like the Late Grace Chinga, Kondwani Chirwa, Ethel Kamwendo Banda and the Late Mafunyeta just to mention a few. As an ambitious youth, he advises his fellow youth to work hard on their recognized talented rather than forcing themselves to do things they can not manage to. “Sometimes we think we are failures just because we don’t know our talents, there is power of prosperity in every talent”, Kainga quoted a book called Talent and Power.


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