Chanco Students Release Adalakwanji

In what seems to be the explosion of movie industry at Chancellor College, an embryonic group of first year students have released a movie titled Adalakwanji to register their emergence in the industry.
Speaking to Nthanda Times, Charles Jingini who is the director, script writer and editor of the movie cited that Adalakwanji is an account of a true story of a boy (Khembo) who abandons a girl after impregnating her.
‘We want to give a lesson to those who run away from taking care of the pregnant and change their mind-set. Not only that, but we also want to expose the talent that God gave us and let’s support these upcoming actors/actress’, shares Jingini on why the notion to shoot a movie arose.

Jingini: Aiming high
Jingini: Aiming high

In her words, one of the actresses in the movie, Bridget Kalimchisa, a first year Communication student said that people should pay attention to the message conveyed. ‘Most times stories are created to reflect the life style in the society and at the end teaching moral values. The movie is directed to both the youth and the elderly for a lesson’. On what should people expect from her, she said that they should expect her standing on the ground to teach the society the right way to go.
Despite the notable steps reached by the likes of Joyce Chavula and Shemu Joyah, the movie industry still strives to develop tap roots in the country. However, Jingini’s intent is to develop his Movie Maker film production in the country and compete on the international scene.
Among actors and actresses who took major roles are Hosiwa Hosiwa, Bridget Kalimchisa, Chancy Kamuzanjira, Neverson Mayani and Chifundo Kunje.


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