Chiwosi Launches Chindimbandimba

The long awaited Blessings Chiwosi’s Chindimbandimba poetry album unfolded its wings and flew for the first time as it was launched at Chancellor College’s Mighty Great Hall last Friday.
Speaking during the event, Chiwosi expressed his satisfaction on releasing his first poetry album and he promised his fans to keep the vibe.
“Chindimbandimba Vol 1 sprouts from Chindimbandimba cha ulakatuli which begun in 2014 soon after Robert Chiwamba’s departure. When Chiwamba left a lot of people thought this was the end of poetry at Chanco but we want to refute this because now poetry has reached a climax point and that is why the name Chindimbandimba”, Chiwosi spoke on his album.

Chiwosi captured during the launch
Chiwosi captured during the launch

One would wonder why it has taken ages for Chiwosi who is a final year student at Chanco to register his name in the poetry industry, but if you ask him he will answer you that he wanted his work to be fully matured because his intent is to give his audience maturely produced work. Chiwosi’s poems tackle religious, love and cultural issues across the country.
The event was flourished by a team of budding poets from Chancellor College that included Lester Brighton Chisale, Chiyembekezo Awali and Godfrey Milanzi. Chiwosi’s CD which was sold at K 1 000 during the launch carries more than ten poems. As he swerved from one side to the other, the audience bugged into a big round of applause when he recited the piece titled “The special Mahope”.

Godfrey Milanzie: Surprised the audience with his comic recital
Godfrey Milanzie: Surprised the audience with his comic recital

In the poem, the persona who is a student at a certain institution presents himself as a man who have difficulties in proposing to a woman. The persona talks to a woman he admires most and explains the tough situations he has gone through at the campus, however, the woman still remains admirable to him.
Recently, there have been debates on the future of Malawian poetry where some have argued that modern poets have taken a wrong way while others say that it is a new road which the poets have embraced. However, the Special Mahope star says that these days the poetry world is diverse hence rendering audiences a wider range of choices, but it would be hard to measure the category in which a single poem falls into.
Chiwosi says that people should expect the incoming volumes that would continue to carry his messages and he pleaded with the Chirunga Intelligentsia community and entire Malawi to continue supporting the upcoming poets.


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