Thoughts and Memories are Killing me.
I’m being overdosed by Missing.
What can I do when nobody notices how lonely I am deep inside.
What can I do when these rusted bars got no secrets to hide.
Its so boring without Jokes by my friends and family
Thoughts, lies, truth and stories by them                                                                                                               Two months now but it feels like a thousand years
Hurts thtT nobody sees the cries of mine nor hear
It’s even worse when the person you love is not beside you

Pierced by Insults, I get outrageous
I’ve tried to drill these walls of Jericho
Several times, I always get caught
Hopes turn into disappointments
I return to my cell, my back draws maps
By whimps of Judgement
Is it time to give up?
Or the time to stand strong for nothing.

My friends, my victory, my destiny, my love
Stand still until I return
Back to the nest we will rest
Hugs and Kisses of no limits
Until our love will blossom
But for the moment,
Hold on because I’m on my way


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