My Perspective: “The Politics of Ambululu and Blind Loyalty”

Whenever I take a stroll in these peaceful streets of ours, laughing and enjoying our valuable natural environment, it hurts to recall the adage that we have scored position one in the foreign manufactured poverty list. Anyway, I guess we seem not worried anymore. By the way, each position has its occupant. We are a country best defined by those who matter, and they define us because we ourselves have nothing to do but go around hurling verbal insults at our political opponents.

All the time we are turned to hear what prominent so and so said. Day in and day out we are immersed in verbal wars. What is this all about? Can we assume that this is what the lay citizens were promised before they granted their consent for power? Or has the game turned into serving self-reputations? Any time we ask about this and that we are always given lame excuses that act as loop holes for getting rid of the folks who seek accountability and transparence. Ambululu (toads of the river), show us direction instead of manufactured fake excuses. The society is fed up.

Folks, it is of no doubt that any time soon these Ambululu will come to us knocking on our doors searching for our votes. Indeed soon they will find us, and no doubt they will be airing the same bogus promises full of fragrance. I guess somehow we are to be blamed based on our choices of these Ambululu. Or maybe can we say that the electorate menu we are served with consist of unpalatable stuff? If so, is there any difference we would see if the losers were the winners? I guess there would be no change. The winners still occupy the same chair, harbouring the same environment, and the same privileges.

Through these saturated bogus promises, we have come to realize that the menu in most cases is made up of the weak and narrow minded aspirants. And this gives us no option but to cast votes for those that seem to be appealing, at least to the basest of our instincts. No doubt the folks have turned to their senses; there will be time when I don’t think the names written in capital letters will matter anymore. The common use of peanuts will only attract massive shame. Rather, traits, rational decisions, and maturity certainly will count.

Ask those folks who are boiling in cold waters of poverty. They can unfold well the challenges they are facing day in day out. As a matter of fact, it gives headache to wake up in the morning and find out that the children have nothing to eat and what they can manage to do is waiting and anticipating that their beloved father will fetch whatever can fill their empty bellies. But you seem not concerned. Mass poverty seems to be the political capital.

Politics of handouts seems to be the dominant weapon of development around here, or so we think. These handouts cannot eradicate the situation at hand, they cannot; they are far from that. It is an undisputed fact that we are quite too many in this country, I do not know how far one can get with handouts. No doubt these Ambululu always run away from us whenever we grant them a parliamentary ticket. It’s better to employ the Mose walero’s philosophy “if they ask for a fish teach them how to fish”.
Can we say that we are still dozing? I guess we are, and maybe I can say things are turning worse than in those days we sat around fireplace and listening to folktales and all sorts of myths descending from gray haired heads.
How can the purely corrupted mentors advocate anti-corruption?
How can we vote for someone who doesn’t know what a Bill or a Policy is for the position that requires one to scrutinize and participate in Policy formation? Indeed somehow we are to be blamed. But are we? Do we really have a choice in these things? Isn’t everything top-down predetermined?

It’s high time we stepped into the arena with poisonous spears and shoot these ambululus. Come on, how can these Ambululu represent folks by just seating and snoring in the August House without contributing anything tangible? We only see them when the parliament forces them to vote and, as a matter of fact, their votes carry no meaning: they vote for something they don’t understand, let alone wish to understand. Ah, folks, do we need a head on a platter to solve this?


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