Ramblings of a Common Man: Satan as the Scapegoat for the Evils of our own Making

Here the word “devil” was a blessing: man had to have an omnipotent and terrible enemy— there was no need to be ashamed of suffering at the hands of such an enemy…..Fredriech Nietzsche, ANTICHRIST

Man is his own God, and I will re-echo that in a thousand years, posthumously, for great truths are only understood posthumously, and I am that truth! Cowardice has entered into our community, a cowardice that has been made holy. Christian scandal! We are a timid people, and Christianity has helped us to be just that; we are the most degraded animals, we humans! We do not want to face the problems of our own making, we are too weak, and cowardly; thanks to Christianity, the greatest Pavlovian weapon!

Let me get you through what we have done to bring our own misery. We do not have to invent a Devil on which to gladly lay the blame, and be content with ourselves. This is the greatest evil— to lay a blame due you on somebody else, especially an invented somebody-else!

So, let me get you through what we have done, we Malawians. First, we have let foreign domesticated Malawian elites dominate us. Indeed, we have concluded, rather naively, that the qualifications for the high office are: Foreign education, especially Western; long stay in New York, London, Paris; acquaintance with foreign policy; acquaintance with foreign motivated constitution (find out about the Kanyongoros, the molders of the constitution). There are the constituents of the curriculum vitae for
Malawian high offices for you, grapple with them as you like, that’s your lot.

In a Law class (Chancellor College, or Chamisala College), I argued, to the discomfort of my Law Lecturer, that we should not take the Constitution as the Lord of the Land. We must have some reservations, and pause, then ask the following questions: Who actually structured the constitution? What motivated him/her? (Feminism, you have complicated language!) From which well is he (forgive me, sister) drinking? Is the well really authentic? Which spaces of freedom does this well hinder? (Here, freedom, in the African sense, is a collective freedom, not an individualistic, egoistic freedom). African Politics is a collective, agrarian Politics!

Amalawi, mwe Bamalawi, wenamalawi, let us rethink our situation, our scandalously self-perpetuated situation. We have let these foreign domesticated African elites define our political pursuit, that is, the pursuit of abstract free market values. This scandal goes back to the 1993 transition. Thank you, thank you, thank you, African foreign domesticated birds. We have had so much in your hands, your gifted hands, your intellectual hands. What is intellect, folks, what does it constitute? Does it reside in the subjugation of others in pursuit of egoistic goals? Does it lodge in the economic struggle of corporate egoistic camp?

For me, true equality resides in the traditional African politics. Equality in the Western perspective is an egoistic equality, an economic value aimed at the devaluation of egalitarian values, a maneuver of egoistic conquest. This is a symptom of Greek rationalism, of Aristoteliasm, of Socratism. Here, as a matter of African consciousness, we must listen to Obenga, the African Philosopher: “It is a mere prejudice to believe that the philosophical epoch of humanity begins first among the Greeks in the fifth century BC. This prejudice implies that other ancient people did not engage in speculative thought”. Thank you Obenga, you have proved a great enemy of Western-baked elites, a positive enemy.

Obenga’s stand, dialectical stand, is what the Christian God doesn’t want. Christianity is a religion of subjugation, of a giving up for the life beyond. “This world is not my home, I am just passing by”, or, “Across the bridge there is no sorrow, across the bridge there is no pain”. Which bridge? Is there such a bridge at all? Yes, there is a bridge, here in man himself, in his own endeavor, in his own struggle. It is not a bridge that liberates man from Devil, not at all, it is a bridge that enables man to transcend the status quo. It is a maneuver of struggle.

Mwe Benamalawi, Amalawi, wenamalawi, let us enter into the active arena, let us embrace the dialectic struggle. Don’t be comfortable with the invention of the Devil, the scapegoat for our situation where we sleep in comfort. There is no evil, mythical being out there. We are the agents of change. Let us change our lot.


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