The Superstitious and Mythical World of Capitalist Society

Superstition is an illogical endeavor, illogical here meaning the absence of any clear causality in phenomena. Superstition, according to famous conception, is a leap of faith, a jumping to unwarranted conclusions, and a mystical leap into the unaccounted-for results. It is, on the whole, as science and reasoning have established, the highest fallacy. It is a neglect of laws of physics, the absolute laws according to which the world has to go. Thanks to the invention of the solar system.

Technology, and of course the modern world, is a birth-child of science, of causal reasoning, of the laws of physics, of rationality. This presupposes the absence of superstition, of any system that goes against laws of physics. So technology has supplanted superstition. We are living in times free from unwarranted beliefs, free from mysticism, from myths.

Superstition and myth are terms used to refer to realities that do not exist, realities that, as I have already pointed out, defy the laws of physics (the modern god). The mythical world is a world of empty convictions, of deception par excellence. So, let us say, superstition, and indeed myth, is a world of deception, of magic, of unwarranted causality.

Is our modern, capitalist world, any different from the ancient, superstitious and mythical world? Does the difference lie in the fact that the modern world is free of superstition or that modern superstition is of the highest order, so that we can really say that we have developed? Let us survey the land, people, let us look closely. Is technology free of deception? Is the free market, backed by the mysticism of advertising, free of the leap of faith, of foregoing laws of physics?

Consider an advert by FDH Bank placed in the Nation Newsapaper of 25 November, 2016. It is about FDH mobile Banking services, especially on gadgets like phones and computers, so one does not have to necessary go to the actual building of the bank to access certain services. This is a positive development, but not absolutely positive. It is an important tool for Malawians, we do not have to exaggerate it for people to start using the machinery. If you exaggerate it to the point of unwarranted conclusions, prophetic assertions, and whistle-type proclamations, it simply means that you know that superstition and myth are the necessary aspect of life, that logic and consequent reasoning are just a fabrication.

The advert shows a man tugging onto a rope tied to the hand of a clock. He is pulling it hard, and the clock stops, implying that he now exists in a timeless world, a world where time is no longer a deciding factor, where time is no longer the Queen of England (sorry for that term, I mean absolute Queen). Here, the stopping of the clock presupposes the removal of limits in one’s life, presupposes a life of ease and freedom. Let us stop there for a while, good customers of the capitalist, logical world, and reflect. We will continue next week.


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