Ma lala, Piksy and Blakjak Team up for a Song

Ma Lala (dreaming big)

Ma Lala, an Afro-Acoustic musician has teamed up with best Afro-pop artist Piksy and award winning blackjack in his newly released song ‘Tikauwaze’.

Ma Lala whose real name James Kuchilala has dropped the tune as a thanksgiving to his fans who for him in Nyasa Music Awards where he emerged as the best Acoustic Artist ousting Faith Mussa and Patience Namadingo in the category of Best Acoustic Artist. Ma Lala who started playing guitar at the age of 16 said the tune Tikauwaze serves as the statement to those who are not sure of him and doubted his ability of emerging as the best acoustic artist in the country.

In an interview with Nthanda Times, Ma Lala whose one of his songs features in Elson Kambalu’s Mulandu wa Njinga movie said it feels great to have Piksy and Blackjack in this project “Its all good. They are very good guys I respect and I am very privileged to have them on my project. It’s a great thing to work on a big project like this one”, pointed out Ma Lala who is also a leader of Lazy Slaves Band.

The Best Acoustic Artist thought of bringing an Afro-pop thought of bringing an Afro-pop and dancehall artsits to acoustic music to show that music is one Universal language. “the greatness of an artist is realised when they are able to jump on any type of music”. He further said that he has been thinking of making a good hit that would reach out the whole country nad beyond talking of average Malawian, telling a story with his guitar.

Talented Ma Lala interacting with his acoustic guitar (as seen in the video)

The central theme in the 03:15 seconds song is that of enjoyments on Friday which is mostly liked by youths. Ma Lala opens the song by narrating a persons fatigue encountered throughout the week. Ma Lala sings of hiring security guards and Aunts to secure the house and take care of children respectively as the man goes to a drinking place to relieve himself locally known as kudzipepesa.

Piksy takes the second verse, talking of how the man struggled to get a penny to use it for drinking on Friday. Blackjak takes the final verse by fully elaborating the Friday vibe as to how a man feels after drinking his favourite beer and nature of the drinking place.

The hit Tikauwaze is in Drain Out Album which is expected to be launched on 2nd July at M-Theatres and Ma Lala says the recording is almost done. Ma Lala has also done some hits such as Mzanga Bulaki, Drain Out and Timakonda Magitala just to mention a few.

James Kuchilala holds a Bachelors degree in Education obtained in 2009 from Chancellor College and teaches at Blantyre Secondary School.


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