Africa Union! You Have Talked Long Enough,Why Is Africa Still POOR And Her Citizens Live In AGONY 54 Years After Your Birth?

By Saunders Jumah THE UTOPIAN




As you read this newsletter remember half a century is far too long to keep talking and planning, there is got to be a time to start walking the talk that you have been talking ever since 1963.

As you keep speaking in Ethiopia you must stop the rhetoric that if Gold or Diamond deposits are found in my area it is government property but if you find cannabis plant behind my house it’s mine and I must be arrested.

From 1957 to date African population of over 1 billion are living in Africa without land of their own. In urban and semi urban areas land is sold to Africans at a price that no average African can manage.

Yet all of you gathering in Addis Ababa you call yourself presidents and head of governments because your respective nations are free. What type of freedom is it when you and those that oppressed and detained you are the ones controlling and owning the land meant for citizens? Young Africans are leaving the continent through dangerous means crossing Mediterranean sea in boats and some in Canoes a voyage that usually end mid sea and all lives lost. At times European state hosts them as slaves if not detained. How do you feel your citizens being treated like this?

Africa has vast resources that can feed the whole universe but why are foreigners only benefiting while owners of the continent are starving and suffering? DRC has over 24 trillion dollars in untapped resources but you left it to be torn apart, where is the spirit of Pan Africanism? You know the resources of DRC is larger than the economy of Europe combined why do you let a potentially rich nation perish like this?

On unity you are completely failing to unite us, Africans rescued in Mediterranean sea are permitted and allowed to live in Europe when released or saved from death, given opportunity to work and live in Europe. Why an African is detained and deported when found overstaying on other side of Africa? Why should an African be restricted to 90days visit within Africa? Where did you get these rules yet Europe that imposed such rules has changed.

Is it not high time these draconian laws are amended? You are reminding me of traffic regulations of 120km driving speed per hour in this point and time when roads and cars are rampant, don’t you think it’s high time speed limit must be adjusted to 160 or 180km per hour. In this century no car is running faster less than 140km per hour.

Citizens must be allowed one year holiday visit if not be allowed permanent residence everywhere in the continent and stop nations from spending hard earned resources to deport citizens that came alone from their part of Africa.

In this harder times of economic crush you can not limit or restrict the movement of citizens who are fending off for their their survival. You cannot talk of African Development if you are denying citizens to stretch their potential and capabilities.
You designed and produced Continental passport up to now you have not made them public, what was the point of releasing them If they cannot be put to use? Are these books for decorations or meant for you leaders only.

We are not amused seeing one of you receiving best hospitality in other nations when you have messed in your own nations but that very privilege cannot be accorded to me a fellow citizen of Africa.

Some of the laws Africa is practising are outdated need rephasing or debasing.
Boko Haram and Al Shabaab as well as Mali Tuareges together with citizens of Saharawi must be relooked and perhaps start some kind of arrangements, negotiations to meet them half way can be the best way.

You have always deplored African ways of always importing from Europe, Asia and America but if you cannot open avenues of more freedom how will Africa start exporting? Give people land and let them utilize it to it’s full potential. Introduce 51 to 50 percentage of shares between Africans and foreign companies so that in 20 years Africa must stand alone in economy and social standing.

The tempers of Africans is running high with impatience because it looks like Africa is still under colonialism.

Jack up and give Africans their freedom, now!

The past we inherited the future we make with our hands.


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