Kainga’s Satirical Comedy Goes Abroad

Animated Cartoons have always brought joy and laughter juveniles and some elders. Cartoons like Tom and Jerry, The Minions, Alvin and The Chipmunks, Animals United, The Ice Age are some of animations which are liked globally.Of late in the Malawi we have been blessed to have cartoons being produced in a language which most Malawians are familiar with – Chichewa known as Wayisoni Comedies which among other issues tackle social issues.  Wayisoni Cartoon Comedies has gone viral that social media has witnessed with masses of its users sharing the videos.

Caption of Wayisoni Animation as seen in a video

Speaking to Nthanda Times, one of the people behind production of the artwork Precious Kainga popularly known as DJ Zimbabwe wa kuMalawi in comedy circles says he is overwhelmed with the audience which Wayisoni Cartoon Comedies has now covered and the feedback it is receiving “i have realized that people like my comedies because there has been a strong positive response and its when the percentage of my followers also increased”, said Kainga. Kainga did not forget to praise the effort and skills of his co-producer Symon who he says his creativeness has contributed much to the success of the art work “Symon Jailosi is an Excellent guy. He is so creative and we did this Partnership for I realized that I couldn’t make it alone. He is the best animator you can agree with me. I give much respect to him because he is the best”.

Despite being produced in Chichewa language, the art work has instilled interest of people from countries such as USA, UK, China, South Africa and Germany just to mention some which has also pleased Kainga. In order to make sure that people who do not understand Chichewa are following plot line of the Wayisoni Animations, Kainga alongside Jailosi have decided to start producing the animation in English language. “we are doing new Wayisoni animations in English because a number of people from other countries say they like the cartoon but they were complaining that they don’t understand the spoken language”, said Kainga.

Kainga: Wayisoni English Comedies will be out soon

Precious Kainga who is also a musician has promised people who like Wayisoni animations to expect more fireworks as together with his friend Jailosi are in course of producing an animated movie soon. He said he lives to entertain people, “as long as Dj Zimbabwe Wa Ku Malawi, Precious Kainga or Wayisoni Kuntsebe is still arrive,  I will make sure that I keep on entertaining them”.

I live to entertain people: Kainga

Kainga further said that Wayisoni Animations will soon be officially launched in some countries in Africa such as South Africa, “soon we are launching Wayisoni Comedies, we will do this in all Regions of Malawi as well as Zambia,  Mozambique, Tanzania & South Africa”.

Kainga does not forget to thank all people who give feedback on the artwork, “I must also say thanks to all people outside there who encourage me, they must continue giving us that support”.

Precious Kainga who is a Music Producer at Presha C Entertainment started producing Wayisoni Animations early 2016 has so far produced 21 videos which people across the world are enjoying. Wayisoni Animations are found on YouTube and are sometimes shared through its official Facebook page


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