Corruption Will Be Curbed in Malawi Starting With Big Fish; George Chaponda is The First; Now the 13 Files Must Follow Against The MK577 Billion Cashgate

The public owe the government no appreciation when the government takes a path of sanity but DEFENDERS OF THE FUTURE OF MALAWI would like in exception thank the government for starting to show sense.

Many of us knowing the absolute powers the president and the ruling party wields did not expect to see the ruling party in power arrest it’s own deputy. This is a great move that must be encouraged.

We are now having hope that if George Chaponda can be arrested there is no doubt the six ministers implicated on the MK577 billion cash gate scandal will follow suit because George Chaponda holds a higher position in the ruling party than any other minister in the government.

Credit must be given where it is due; DEFENDERS OF THE FUTURE OF MALAWI for the first time credit ACB for the job well done. The history of corruption that has graduated into cash gate need sharp teeth for our nation to be on the path of development and to restore confidence from our traditional as well as all development partners.

However we do not want to believe that this action of arresting Chaponda for hours and later releasing him on an affordable bail was just a ploy to fool citizens as well as the international community because if it is so then we are ready to act and call for mass action.

DPP government must intensify this exercise of arrests involving big fish without mercy. On this we call upon the suspect Dr. George Chaponda to help the state by spilling the beans revealing all the bad tomatoes and apples in the basket of DPP.

By revealing the dirtiness in the ruling party will help to remove all the bad apples and pave way for the ruling party complete the second term up to 2024 failing which in the absence of sacrificial lambs possibility is there that the presidency of DPP could become a one term leadership as citizens are not happy to vote in power thieves and corrupt people.

Rampant corruption has taken place as from 2009, president Peter Mutharika and his ruling party must encourage ACB and courts of law to speed up all processes so that conclusivity must bear it’s blunt as a matter of urgency for citizens to make informed decisions as to who to vote for in the upcoming tripartite 2019 elections.

We do not need to wait for one case to be completed then get into the other. All corruption cases must be brought to courts and we are appealing to the justice system wheels to move with speed.

Citizens of Malawi are adamant we want to know who are the culprits that made our nation to have no medicine in hospitals, for our hospitals to fail to provide dietary food to patients, for our education system and quality to be depleted and fall down, for making our nation to remain poor.

DPP do not need to rewrite or update it’s manifesto running into 2019 elections, their manifesto is just one; arrest corruption and stop it by bringing all culprits hiding in its armpits to justice. This is what is expected of the ruling party.

Any delaying tactic trying to fool citizens by letting or intentionally making this case of Dr. George Chaponda lasting beyond 2019 will make citizens know that it’s a ploy, no doubt punishment will be seen taking place at the polls of 2019.

The majority members of our group are patriots of integrity they wouldn’t mind who will be ruling the country but they will be happy seeing the nation developing and moving forward in all aspects of life.

What has tainted and brought our nation down is corruption of the big fish in Malawi. If DPP continue as they have started the entire nation will have trust but if not then it is in the hearts of citizens to see which plate to dish more votes come 2019.

To courts of Malawi, quoting from Ms. Egrita Ndala she assured Malawians that her corruption busting body took long to investigate the case till they came to the point of seeking a warrant of arrest on Dr. Chaponda after being convinced that the former minister and party deputy president has a case to answer.

Based on this information we are satisfied that courts of Malawi will not delay to conclude this case because all necessary evidence are ready. What the courts must do now is to study the case and in less than few weeks Dr. Chaponda must either be pronounced guilty or innocent.

The judiciary must know any delay to conclude this case on time will cost the ruling party dearly.

We are not expecting that it’s the dream of the ruling party to see them losing power because of one man and six others.

Let this case be concluded with speed and by end of August 2017 the nation must know the verdict.

a nation without corruption takes care of everyone.


Saunders Jumah the Utopian



2 thoughts on “Corruption Will Be Curbed in Malawi Starting With Big Fish; George Chaponda is The First; Now the 13 Files Must Follow Against The MK577 Billion Cashgate

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