Haunted Memories

By Daniel Mwale Kampanje   Dark clouds matching as to war, Advancing slowly and boots on our doors People trembled as if caught unaware The dark clouds skulking from the depth of the sea   Slowly lingered at the door of Yelesani A noble son of our clan What do I ought this sudden visit? … More Haunted Memories

Meet Mayamiko Zingani, the Upcoming Gospel Artist

By Deborah Chinyanga Mvula Inspired by the zeal of spreading the gospel across the country and beyond borders, Mayamiko decided to start music. The inspired individual started music a way back when she was 9 years of age. By then she was a chair person of Anglican Church. Her career in music grew because she … More Meet Mayamiko Zingani, the Upcoming Gospel Artist

Banda’s Untapped Talent

The World Bank organized an artistic competition in Malawi in 2015 which was called “World Bank End Poverty Competition in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of partnership between World Bank and Malawi. The competition fell under the theme “End Poverty” and the competition brought many artists together including the renowned names behind the local newspapers … More Banda’s Untapped Talent

Crying Child

By Daniel Mwale   She has been crying for centuries, Since the fright of ages begun, Her echoes reached to many countries, But never resorted to a gun. She lives in a tiny house, Windowless and dark inside, Human feaces and cobwebs hanging loose, But sparkling with beauty outside. She cries uncontrollably, Sending her tears … More Crying Child