Life Behind Bars

Starving mosquitoes playing you rough keys Frolicking a guitar on your skin With lice giving you the beats With aching arms like a Barrow pusher Anguished by retentions of good time paid , Lamenting on lavish moment shared and wasted Ending up life with an arm on wet brasses full of tears Burring the skull … More Life Behind Bars

Haunted Memories

By Daniel Mwale Kampanje   Dark clouds matching as to war, Advancing slowly and boots on our doors People trembled as if caught unaware The dark clouds skulking from the depth of the sea   Slowly lingered at the door of Yelesani A noble son of our clan What do I ought this sudden visit? … More Haunted Memories

Remember Me

On the coolest night In the darkest day No matter the Height Or heavy might be my fright I’ll stay positive that my fears will ride away The thicker the skin Nor the thinner the flesh God, Your promises I’ll embrace Cause I know You’ll never forsake Nor consider my mistakes On my very last … More Remember Me

Crying Child

By Daniel Mwale   She has been crying for centuries, Since the fright of ages begun, Her echoes reached to many countries, But never resorted to a gun. She lives in a tiny house, Windowless and dark inside, Human feaces and cobwebs hanging loose, But sparkling with beauty outside. She cries uncontrollably, Sending her tears … More Crying Child


Thoughts and Memories are Killing me. I’m being overdosed by Missing. What can I do when nobody notices how lonely I am deep inside. What can I do when these rusted bars got no secrets to hide. Its so boring without Jokes by my friends and family Thoughts, lies, truth and stories by them                                                                                          … More Drill

The Hurricane

The catastrophic hurricane Thumping on the gorgeous landlocked kingdom Devastating an ecosytem To a battle field where the outcome couldn’t be dreamt But the kings of the dwelling could organise ceremonies Celebrating their triumph Overlooking the torment of the cockroaches The hurricane has brought desperation. The coming in of gigantic Chipembere We thought has come … More The Hurricane